Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Thursday, June 20, 2013


P's birthday is coming up soon. I bought tix to her favourite cartoon, 喜羊羊. To surprise her, i made her a 美羊羊. Hope she will like it.

Study table

Saw a study table and chair set on gmarket. It was selling at SGD159, way much cheaper than the european version i saw. So i bought a blue one for P.


The haze condition is worsen, PSI is 400 at the moment. In actual fact, it will even be higher since it is base on 3h average reading..... My company is nt issuing us with N95 yet, as according to the person incharge, under regulation, we will need fit test for N95...

I m considering staying at home, as the building i m in now is hazed..... If rains happen to come, it will be acid rain.... Told ATM to park the car in MSCP rather than outdoor. I started to keep all my stuffs indoor...

I feel sorry for the ppl having to work outdoor, i stopped mail ordering.... I m havin a hard time looking for a effiecient face mask for P. I m actually considering making one if i can get the material.

Update: WE been issued 1 N95 each. The mask can be worn for a week.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hazy Hazy Night

It is no longer starry starry night.... It had changed to hazy hazy night..... The moment we stepped to our home, a gust of burnt smell welcomed us. Felt like the house was hazy.... After a check on the PSI, it was abt 190 and rising by abt 11pm, it hit 321. All the windows were closed, the 3 of us stayed in the room with both AC n purifier on.

I can hear P starting to cough, bad sign.... So I cooked white fungus and pear to cleanse n nourish her lungs... I cant imaging how the ppl survive in the affected area, they must be hunderd times worst than us. If rain doesnt come soon, are we going to have artificial rain to temperorarily cool down the current situation?


Finally, i had sometimes to google on The Rollercoaster Trick. Since i wasnt taught phonics during my time, i had quite a bit to catch up on. During PTC, Teacher L said that P had problem blending individual sounds into words. In cc, they used the rollercoaster trick for blend sounds into words. After some googling, think i m able to go thru it with P, since she knows the sound of all the alphabets.....


Sunday, June 16, 2013


On our way out, i got a call from the cc at 835am. Guess what i totally forgot abt P's Hugo and Lulu camp. So Teacher S suggested we sent P to Kampong Ubi CC. Due to the haze, our GPS lost its signal quite a few times. But we still manage to find the place. I waited with P till Alpha group arrived and handed P to her teacher.

I need to be more organise... It was so embarassing......

PTC 2013

It is the end of first semester, and the teachers will be updating the parents on the kiddies progress.... ATM didnt attend the PTC with me since he is taking his IPPT on that day.

From Teacher L, overall P has improved, in her gross,m fine, psyco motor skills. We need to work more on her phonic, though she knows the sound of the alphabets, but when it come to blending the sound, she has issue on pronoucing the words. I suppose more practise will be needed. What warm my heart was Teacher L said that P is very keen to learn, Teacher L partnered her with another boy so the boy will guide her during reading time. We jsut need to patience with her....

From 祁老师, P will forget things she learnt after awhile. Well to me that is not a big issue, especially in kids it is pretty common. During the PTC, 祁老师 asked P to read some of the words, i for once was shocked that she is able to recognise quite a number of chinese words. 祁老师 said she is very keen learner, she doesnt talk during class and she was very attentive in class... I m very happy that she is showing interest in chinese... At home, she is starting to speak more mandarin and she is even doing translation for her 爷爷 and grandma.

After the PTC, I told ATM that we need/learn to be patience with P. I think P will nt have any problems with her upcoming IQ assessment. I hope she will be discharge from CDU soon, maybe then we will not have any issue with her insurance


Damn the haze.... my eyes are sore and watery due to haze...... I hate you, Haze.....

Both AC and air purifier have  been overworked during the weekend.... Praying very hard that P will be fine.... The haze are pretty bad for her respiratory system......

Please RAIN.....

Friday, June 14, 2013


Currently, I had this 'FAT' sticking on my fridge..... Everytime when i m at the fridge, the "FAT' just looked at me.... The magnetic alphabets are now being shifted from P's room to my kitchen fridge. P has been playing with them, and she been doing the 3 letters spelling.... And she told ATM, 'FAT' looks good on the fridge..... Everytime when i walked into the kitchen, P will yell, can u see the F-AT on the fridge.......


and i forgot abt E AT....

Wondering if she is hinting i m FAT?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Was toking to P before her bedtime... Suddenly she turned quiet and not answering my question. So i told her that she is rude cos she is answering me when i m toking to her... Her reply, I cant tok to u now cos i m tired... Argh.....

Wedding invites

My bestie is getting married, wedding will be held in Stockholm. Isnt it cool. Had always wanted to visit Europe, dun think it is time now. I wana had a super long trip to Europe but without P, so I have to wait long long.

Another invite from my ex colleague, to attend her wedding in Padang. Initially I tot I will b able to ditch the old and young and went on the trip alone. Damn, at the moment said he is free n P has a day off cc during that period. Argh........ Since there is no budget flight flying there direct, my colleagues decided nt to go ahead. To travel to Batam then catch a flight to Padang, is nt very convenient. So there goes again......

Monday, June 10, 2013


Recently we noticed that P spelled only one, two and skipped to six. It was kinda weird rite, but after probing future. P told us that four, five has too many letters and she dun wana learnt. So basically her words bank only consist of 3 lettered words like cat, dog, sun. Anything more than 3 letters , sorry too long, cant remember.


Sunday, June 9, 2013


Breakfast is the first meal for the day, and it keeps u going. To me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I m nt a morning person, so i try to make breakfast as simple as possible.

For a normal wkday breakfast, it will be either bread, pandan cake, cereal, bao or mantou for P, whereas for me will be oat or yogurt with muesli. I wouldnt say P is a big eater, but when it comes to breakfast, she normally will have 2 rounds. One at home and the other one in the car. ATM said a full breakky will make her concentrate in class.

Day 10

Took half a day off from work for my one week review. Dr Tay changed my eyedrop medication. I tot something was wrong but after asking him then I realised it is the protocol as the drops that i used previously was stronger compared to this. I will be on it for 4 weeks. The epithelium had healed but overall it is nt completely heal as cornea is still hazy, tt according to the doc.

My near vision is nt very clear yet, feel like I m having 老花 now. Vision on my left eye is much clearly than my right, according to the nurse is my right is more blind than left. Whatever it is, I m enjoying my glass-less moment now. I can see without glasses. Cant wait for 6/6 vision. My next review will be in 6 weeks time.


P is in a phase that she dun wana go out. After school, she just wana go home straight, or wkend she prefer to stay at home or go playground. Everytime when we leave her comfort zone, she will ask where we going. Or when we outside, she will ask, are we going home. Most times, it is very annoying.

To the extend, we have to limit her tv times as well as her gadget time. She knows all the cartoons and characters showing on Okto channels. To prevent her from playing with the gadgets, I dun charge the battery to full, normally I just charge it to last for 30 min or less so she cant bargain with me on bedtime. I have to password locked all my stuffs. Thank god that my phone is an antique  she has no interest at all.

The more time she xpend with tv n gadgets the more anti social she gets and not to mention her temper. It is getting worst now when she dun get wat she wan. I cant totally deny her tv n gadgets, unless I m also not allowed. So hopefully, one day  she will decide to hangout with the kids next door for some outdoor fun.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A bit Notti

After loading the grocery into the car, P happily said that i bought her favourite mantou for her breakfast. So i just replied, i always buy you your favourite food, but you are always so notti. She replied in a soft tone thinking that i would not have heard it, somehow with the blurred vision my ears are good. She said, i m nt so notti, i m just a little bit notti only. Hahaha.......

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 7

It had been one week and i m back to work... hoorah to that.... i m surprised that XJ approached me abt my LAsek procedure.

Vision getting blurry after lunch... Mayb using too much eyepower.... Time to rest my eyes.

DAy 5

Had the earliest slot for the post op check up. Dr Tay removed the contact lens. He asked how i m managing..... well, for a person who cant even see the time on the bedside table, to be able to see that without glasses, i m nt complaining.... Not to mention i can see car registration number of the car in front of me...... I m just waiting for the 6/6 vision. He laughed and told me not so soon.

Well i just have to be patience.... I can go swimming with P not worrying i will drop my contact lenses, I will stop having headache from the pressure created by the safety glasses on my reading glasses. I can go dragon boating with ease......

I've been hibernating for a few days and nt worry abt a thing, all thanks to P and ATM. They had been superb.

Day 4

AS usual P came into the room to check on me. She asked me to sleep and must remember to wake up..... Can help but laughed.....

Slept for another day. My head was in pain..... Can eat anything....... All i can do is sleep.......

Day 3

P greeted me in the morning and asked how i feel. Isnt she sweet? She has been an angel for the past few days.

ATM has to attend a meeting in EXPO, me being temporary vision impaired, we missed her performance. What a shame. From Teacher L, P told her that i m nt feeling well, so i cant go for her performance. Whereas for me i went for my post op follow up, everything healing well.... n off i went to home to sleep again. I m surprised that i can sleep all day long and woke up in between for eye drops. The eyes were stingy on and off and have to keep it closed, not to mention abt the excessive tearing. But all was well.

ATM rushed down for the food fair organized by P's CC. He was greeted by P's why you didnt come for my performance. We were quite shock that she has this response, and we think it is quite positive. I have to promise her that, i will not miss her next performance. ATM bought a $5 coupon, P happily chose and bought the food. ATM asked her to share it with her frens, but refused. It was kinda hard to tell her to share, is it common or is it our problem?

When P came home, she gave me a pancake on a stick n told me it will make me feel better...... how sweet.

Day 2

ATM sent me to SNEC for my left eye refractive surgery. Somehow i m more nervous compared to the day before. Everything as per previous day.

Went home to sleep till ATM went to pick up P. Cooked dinner and ate with them. Functioning as per normal WITHOUT the glasses.

Went back to sleep again to rest my eyes.

Day 1

ATM picked me up from work n dropped me off at SNEC. Went to L3 for the corneal cells count, it was so cool, they took pic of the eyes n click on the number of cells and using software to do some interpretation. After paid for the procedure, went to the room and wait for my surgeon.

The nurse went thru some procedures, and reminded me to follow doc instruction to focus on the green light. So there i lie under, the surgeon taped my lashes n used the clip to open my eyes. More anesthestic drops n pressure was applied on the eyeball n can see diluted alcohol was dripped into my eye to loosen the cells. I can hear someone counting at the background. After loosening the epithelium layer, laser was on for 10 to 20 sec then cleaning up n more antibiotic drops and covered with a contact lens. The whole procedure took abt 10min. I m able to see without glasses, it doesnt matter anymore if my left eye cant see that well.... I was over the moon.

Waited for ATM to pick me up after he picked up P from CC. Went home for dinner and straight to bed after shower.