Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


P is having fun catching smurfs at Bugis+

Monday, July 22, 2013

Chemist in the making

Took P down to Marina Sq for the annual X-periment. This is P first time there, i think it is time to expose her to Science after our Macau Science Center trip. She is able to understand more compared to our HK Science Center trip 2 years ago, she showed no interest at all. Next we be going to Spore Science Center to attend my graduation....

At the X-periment, we only hop to stall that attracts her attention. We stopped at the stall by my company, where P has fun with the electric circuit. P waited patiently at the NTU stall for the elephant toothpaste experiment. I think she had a swell time, looking at so many different experiment. She even tried the magic ink (lemon juice) experiment at the NUS stall.

So engrossed...

Crafty Time

ATM has been summoned to RT on most weekend for the next 3 mth, i will be staying at home to entertain the princess. Since my course has finished, i had more time bonding with her on weekend.

Of cos i helped with the assembling

Gym Bear

Finally, i took P for the trial lesson at Bazgym @ Jurong Safra. She has been pestering me to bring her to gym class for quite awhile. Before the class, i told her that it will be different from the normal gym class for toddlers.

The class starts with group warm up. Being in a new environment, P was clingy and scare as she doesnt know wat to expect. So during the warm up session, she was basically sitting on my lap. The coach told me it is ok as it was her first time, she might be nervous, just let her observe. So after the warm up, we joined the kids for circuit training. After abt 5 min, she joined in the fun and i left. She seems to be enjoying herself, i was surprised to see that she can support her weight on the bar. Perhaps i had underestimate her. After the lesson, tok to her coach. The coach said she is pretty ok and even volunteered to demo.... P said she enjoyed herself and we signed her up for 1 term. Hope all the jumping n stretching will help to improve her gross motorskill, balancing and confident.

Friday, July 19, 2013

1 mth post-Lasek

Had my 1mth post Lasek review yesterday. The vision on my left eye is 6/6, whereas vision on my right is still nt perfect yet. But according to the doc, the healing is well and i still be on Lotemax and lubricant drops for another 3 mth.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Health check

HPB had visited P's cc under the National Myopia Prevention Programme to detect poor vision in preschooler. Singapore is one of the country with highest rate for myopia or short sightedness. Just take an example, for a family of 3 like ours, 2 members is 4-eyed. No doubt P will be wearing glasses, it is just a matter of time.

Her health summary showed that both her left and right eye visions are 6/7.5. For a layman like me, it roughly means that she most likely missed the last row of the Snellen chart. Well at least the vision is still consider normal/acceptable..... So now we are trying to delay the process.... or can she break the curse.....

No more than spending 30 min on the gadget.... no watching tv lying down.... At the moment, i think she is suffering from withdrawal symptoms from all the newly implement rules.

Dun like Primary school

One of my niece is in P1 this year, the other niece and nephew will be registering for P1 this year. The 2 that are in K2 had some feedback from their teachers, saying that they are not able to catch up with their peers. Being parents, when you get this feedback, first thing to do is to source for enrichment class. So they are now in P1 preparatory class from 7-9pm on weekdays. I really feel for them, after a long day in cc, then enrichment class, poor kids.

Had a casual chat with P on or way home. I like driving home with her, just 2 of us, so we can have mommy n daugther chat.
Me: Next year, this time you b registering for P1 just like KorKor and Xiao jie jie, are u excited?
P: I dun wan to go primary school, i dun like primary school
Me: (i m shocked with her answer) But why, u never been to a primary school yet
P: I dun like
Me: There is playground in primary school
P: I dun like, there is no slide in primary school playground
Me: Is it? I never been to a primary school in spore yet. Is that why you dun like primary?
P: Go primary 1 need to learn alot of words, i dun like. I wana play.

At that moment, I felt like i been slapped by someone. Has i been giving her too much pressure without noticing it? Am i starting to become a KS mother? One part of me wan her to enjoy her childhood, play and play and enjoy. But the other part of me are worried abt her not being able to catch up with her peers when in primary.....

Friday, July 5, 2013

White coat Hypertension

Recently bought an insurance for old age, the insurance company wanted me to go for some check up since i did a claim for pre-eclampsia..... Due to pre-eclampsia, i have been monitoring my BP at home..... But everytime i m in a clinic my BP will go up, so i will need to take a few reading.... Today, my doc told me tt i have white coat hypertension, meaning my BP will go up in the clinic....

He told me tt i m one of the unlucky one..... i will need to monitor my BP, watch wat i put in my mouth and exercise since my grandpa and dad has mild hypertension. Well, look on the bright side, as we age, BP will go up.... at least with medication BP can be control....

Car wash

P is getting very talkative lately, no way ou can win her when you have an argument with her....
Toking to her papa in the car,

P: Papa, why u didnt wash the car
ATM: You always eat in the car and dirty it....
P: No, i m nt talking abt the inside, i m talking abt the outside of the car... It is dirty...

I cant help but laugh in silent....

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Big 5

Surprised P with 喜羊羊ticket at RWS. She was indeed surprised. The theater was nt even 50% filled, but P enjoyed the show.

Posing before the show
 Sun, P's godma arranged for lunch together.... We hadnt had lunch together for mayb 6-7y.... After lunch. we checked into Festive Hotel in Sentosa. P was very excited with her bunk bed, which she refered to as her tree house. Whereas the old ones, think it is over rated. Lucky i got the promo deal from Agoda, else i be cursing and swearing.....

Lunch date with Isaac

She commented the cake is too small.....
Her wish was granted, a Lego set

She has grown 11x from born till now.... It was a long journey, but we learnt to appreciate each other. Thru her, i learnt to put someone else other than me as my priority. I didnt know that i can love someone more than myself. Thank you for being part the family. Like wat ATM said, with P ard, life is never boring. Cheers to good health...