Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


In our household, we do use cane when needed. Just the other day while i was cleaning the house and P got hold of the Mr cane. She walked towards me n whacked my backside with cane.

P: Pain hor?
Me: You wana try?
P: Pain you know, tell papa dun beat me next time.

I just dunno what to say....

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Finally, finally P is sleeping in her own room..... Now that she is in her own room, i felt that i have more space in our room now. P helped us clean up her room, she actually swept the floor and told us that she wana b a cleaner. We are nt surprised as she like to wipe and clean the everything. Put up her favourite mickey and minnie bedside and quilt cover.

During bedtime, she actually walked to her room and climbed to her bed all on her own. The baby monitor is out in action again after 2.5y break. It seems like I m the one that who cant let go, i woke up 3 times to check on her, to make sure that she is ok. P woke up early in the morning, make her bed and walked to our room. Told her she did well and wana bring her to Mac for breakfast, but she said she wana have bread with her favourite black sesame paste.

Tonight is the 2nd night that she is in her room. Well it is a good start eventhough it take 2y to happen. Next challenge will b diaperless during night time. Her diaper is still super full in the morning, perhaps i should just wait n let her tell me she is ready rather than me pushing her.


The moment we step out f the car, P held my hand very tightly n said, we are going in there while pointing at the entrance of Gleneagle. Probably it is nt so right to let her see me in the hospital as she kept reminding me nt to go hospital AGAIN.

Doc said that the useless appendicitis is a reoccurance as it was infected before. Now then i recall, the same pain i felt 2yr ago after returning from Oz. I tot it is because i had been carrying the heavy luggage.. Thank god i have only one appendix. haha... I will home resting for another week, it can be real boring.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Finally, there is some good news. Told P that her aunt is having a baby, she keep smiling and said i m 姐姐 P. Thats right, she is gona be a 姐姐. I m going to be 姨姨, just wish that E's pregnancy will be a smooth one. We are planning for our next trip again, to Perth next July to visit the baby and celebrate P's bday as well. P will get to experience the cold and wet winter.

I m so happy and cant wait to see the new member in the family.


After the stay in Gleneagles, ones realise the treatment between a C class public hospital and a 2 bedder private hospital. Other than the service,it is the bill. I was shock when i saw the bill, it was more than 10x the charge of my delivery bill, almost the same price we paid before bringing P home and that was a subsidized rate. The 4D3N stay cost me almost 17K. This episode of emergency nt only left 3 holes on my flabby tummy as well as a big hole in my pocket. Thank goodness i've insurance to cover the bill, how abt those who doesnt have? Does it mean tt dying is cheaper than getting treatment? Lesson learnt from here is, if it is non emergency, just go to public hospital.

Other than all this, i realise that my P is a mature and sensible kid. She even told me to take my medicine, so i no need to go to hospital anymore. Still remembered how she shouted at the nurse when she saw him inserting the iv needle into my wrist. I m so proud of my little one.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Emergency

in ane with IV line
It all happened on wednesday, woke up with pain on my abdomen, thinking that it will go away, got P ready n send her to cc. The pain was intense would rate it an 8/10. Walked to office with my back all hunch up to reduce the pain, ard lunchtime i feel like i was a bit feverish, cancelled my afternoon instrument appointment (it is v difficult to book, it is a sign tt i m nt well) and took a cab home and rest. Thursday, seems like the pain is better, i went to wrk as per normal, fever in the evening again. Friday, pain come back so is the fever. initially i tot i m down with viral fever and gastroflu, as i kept wanting to vomit. Pain was very bad in the evening, told myself, i will need to see my GP. P hugged me to sleep on friday cos i was in pain. P seems so mature.

Call my GP on sat morning, walked to the clinic when they msg me tt my turn is up soon. Doc told me i should check myself into ane soon, she suspect appendicitis. In my heart, i was thinking, cant b so lucky ba..... Took P to have lunch in foodcourt and i went back to pack my bag, just incase i need to stay in the hospital. P put a photo of her in my bag, she seems to know that i will be admitted. I went straight to Gleneagle ane rather than NUH, since we all know abt the long wait in the public hospital. The pain was getting very bad, waited for 2h for the blood test result. WBC count is high, they suspected infection, so i have to wait for the specialist. After toking to the specialist, i was told tt i need a CT scan to confirm if it is appendicitis anot. His main concern is, he suspect my colon has been infected. After CT scan, it was comfirmed, so he told me if the infection is bad, he will need to cut away my bad large intenstine and sew back and if it is very bad, he will need to cut me open. At tt time, all i tot abt was P, can ATM take care of her when i m in the hospital.

In half an hour, i was rushed into the OT to remove that useless piece of flesh which has burst and infected the neighbouring part. Lucky none of the large intestine need to be cut off. So i consider myself lucky. When i woke up, i found 2 mentos were lying on the bed side table, ATM told me it was from P. I offered her the mentos, she told me it was for me cos i was in pain and the sweet will make me feel better. At tt moment, i was so touch, i cried. Maybe it is nt a bad idea tt she was there to see the nurse poke needle into me and being rushed to OT. During the 4 days without me, ATM said she behaved well. Not complaining too much abt ATM, since he has to take care of P and sent her to cc. Told him is ok to let P wear her T-shirt attire in the morning and home clothes after shower, since i know he will nv iron P uniform. I should be glad right, they did well.

I m on 2 wk hospitalisation leave, going back for review again on friday. After all this, i can see that P is showing her concern towards me. Counting the plasters on my hand, when she saw 1 is missing, she will ask where is it or as asked if i m still in pain. Her EQ is definately improved.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

42 month assessment

We just went for P's 42mth assessment at KKH yesterday afternoon... P actual age is 40mth old, ca is 37mth... We no longer refer to her corrected age anymore, we think she is pretty much on par with her peers interm of speech, fine n gross motor skills, except her size.

According to Dr A, P's weight is growing nicely on the 10 percentile trend but a little concern with her height, she hasnt grown alot compare to last year, 2-3cm only. Personally, i tot P is tall, as she is almost the same height as her 4yo cousin, mayb i m wrong. So there will be alot of outdoor activities coming up, lotsa jumping and hanging......

Overall, Dr A is pretty much very happy with P's progress, we will see her again next year, trying to arrange the review after PTC, so i can get feedback from teacher.... For us, we are more concern abt her behaviour, is getting out of control, at times she can be the sweetest pie u have every met but at times she is such a horror that u wish u had nvr give birth to.... P is going for her dental review nexth month at the Cleft and Craniofacial Centre @ KKH. Dr A told us they might nt do anything to P's corroded enamel.

Everytime when we walked into CDU for P's assessment, i always remind myself that i m blessed as P is progressing and is on par with the kids her age, eventhough she might be slow in certain things. Well kids progress differently and we learnt nt to compare her with others. P was playing with a few kids at the play area, 1 mommy asked y P still comes for checkup at CDU, she said P is a very sweet gal and can speak so well. Told the mommy, we have our moment, P dun really speak much till after she is 30mth old, we just KIV for speech therapy since she is nt autistic. I really admire the parents and caregivers of children with special needs, the patience they have to take care of the kids. The other mommy whose child has a tracheotomy and with feeding tube, she seems so cheerful and optimistic. These are the mommies that we ought to look up too.... i feel bad for showing my temper at P when she is nt following my instruction or misbehave.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


P's been down with cough n flu after our return from HK. The cough seems to be getting worst, so i brought her to our GP and missed the big walk event. From the look on Dr T's facial expression after examining her mouth, i knew it wasnt good. HMFD was the word. Damn, i wont be so suai right, caught the HK trend as there was a spike in HMFD cases while we were there. Dr T showed me the uclers (2 of it) in her mouth to proof to me. Great, i will be under death sentence for the next 5 days.

P was grumpy and keep asking for ice cream, mayb is the uclers tt is annoying her. She ate her food, her appetite was ok, i feed her cold food so she can eat them. Thank god there wasnt any blisters on her hand, mouth or groin area. Perhaps hers is a mild one. Called the cc, to inform them abt P down with HFMD, dun think she got it from cc or HK. The only thing i can think of is from FIL's place.  I m gonna ban P from playing with the toys in FIL's house. I just realised that the toys are collected from void deck that some ppl threw away. I was curious as there is no kids in the house how come there are toys. ATM told me his dad must have going ard picking up toys tt ppl had threw away. Partly is me to blame, i forgot to ask to wash her hand after tt. Argh, he is another issue.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lantau Island

I spend the whole saturday at the Mega show without the kids. Lotsa things to see and meet a number of interesting ppl. Sunday, we headed to Lantau island. OMG, i was so crowded and we waited 2.5h to get on the cable car.

Posing with the Mickey mouse

On the MTR, goin to Tung Chong Station

Q-ing for the cable car

The kids didnt go up to the Big Buddha, so they sat at the bottom to wait for us

The love bird

10D9N HK trip

Instead of flying with SQ A380, we decided to fly with Jetstar, which can save us 1K. The rule in our family is travelling less than 4h, we will go by budget. So far we have no complain from P, since she has her own ipod loaded with all her fav shows and cartoons to entertain her...... not to mention her snacks.

At T1, started the trip with 1 luggage but came back wth 6 pieces of luggages

P  befrieded a cute boy, Lucas, he stayed in HK and he can speak mandarin pretty well.

Taking the airport express to HK station, P is amazed by the scenery which we seldom/hardly see in Spore.

Happy Birthday 外公

It was my dad birthday, i got a deal from Groupon if i m not wrong to have a diy cake. P had a go with it, i must say that the cake deco doesnt look appetizing at all. But her gong gong still ate almost half of it.

This is the cake that P decorated, al by herself.

P just love to cut the cake even it is nt her birthday.


Once awhile i will paint P's nail with her water-based nail polish. Somehow i think it is nt a gd idea, as she has been asking to color her nails. Recently i found that some of my magic pens were missing.

This is what she has been up to with the magic pens..... headache

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


WE are finally back from our 10D9N HK trip, but we are more tired than ever... It is really tough travelling with 3 kids under 6yo.... They are forever fighting for the stroller....