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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Monday, December 2, 2013

PTC Term 4 2013

It is my favourite time if year, xmas, birthday and PTC. 

First ATM met Teacher R from Junior Art. Her comment was P has a lot of energy, hopefully she will b able to transfrom her energy to some creative art. P has been playful in class lately, i assumed she is very comfy with the class n teachers, hence tt behaviour. I can see that she enjoys her art class.

Then we met Coach L from Junior Sports. His comment was P is a good kid, if he spend more time with her, he will not say tt.. haha.... P's gross motor skills has improved. Coach L told us to ignore the numbers on the PTC summary..... haha... Well we just take it with a pinch of salts, as long as she is enjoying herself and making progresses, we are fine.

Lastly we met with Teacher L and 祁老师. The comments from these teachers are important.  祁老师 commented P has been showing improvements, we notice especially in her spoken mandarin. P has short attention span as well as short term memory when it comes to remembering the chinese characters. Teacher L commented P tends to b lost when in a class setting and do better when she is 1 to 1. This is my main area of concern, what will happen when she in P1. P is very vocal now compared to last year. In term of her phonic, we will need to work on her word blending. She will just give up if she sees a word that has too many alphabets. I dun blame her as i myself as an adult, i will shut down when i see a long report. But again it is not a reason for giving up. Teacher L said P is always showing interest and willing to learn. With the right attitudes and proper guidance, we can do it.

Next wk, the class will be promoted to K2. Her partner n buddy have withdrew and Y gave her a very sweet note.

Science center and snow city

Daycare closed for the teachers' training, so we went to science center and snow city for family bonding. We visited the Titans from the past exhibition, i was surprised that P is able to identify a few dinosaurs. This was my first entry to science center post P and guess what nothing much has changed. P said she prefered the science center in Macau the best, and i have to agree with her on that.

P experienced winter but nt snow. She is pretty excited abt going to snow city, her fren from daycare told her abt snow during her visit to oz. P really enjoyed herself in the snow chamber, we were in there for 1.5h and had to come out as ATM cant tahan the cold in there.