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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Friday, December 31, 2010

BYE BYE 2010

Summing up for 2010, there are things that we are thankful for and things that we are piss off with.

  1. P has a great year, she has started cc in Feb. From a toddler who cant even walk steadily is now jumping and running and is singing her nursery rhymes.
  2. Though she is the smallest kid in class but we are thankful that she is healthy. Borned at 28wk weighed 1.18 kg and 36 cm long, she has come a long way. We are thankful that our little fighter is on par with her friends now. No more therapy and follow up in different departments; PDA is nicely patch up, hernia is fix, no more issue with eyes, had her 24 mth review and IQ test done. The next review will be in Nov 2011, hope she will speak well and we dun have to go for speech therapy.
  3. We had a great trip home to Perth. P is a good traveller, she enjoyed her trip. P makes some new friends there; Kyle and gang misses her (Khuong told me that). I particularly enjoyed my trip home, stayed in E's new house, mainly the 5 of us get to finally caught up as we all stayed in different part of the world. I get to catch up with the gangs, seems like we are all getting older :) Miss you all.
  4. We got out 1st car :)
  5. 爷爷 is doing well after his surgery. Good to know that he misses me when i forget to call him and he adores P, and P is the 2nd girl that make him tear after 奶奶. I m grateful that 爷爷 was there when P was borned when both my parents didnt even show up due to some stupid chinese superstition.
  6. Thankful that i m still employed.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Xmas party with family

Every year, we wil have at least 3 xmas parties to attend. This year, since cousin B not around, we will miss that.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas 2010

This is P's 2nd Xmas. We had a simple celebration at home with a few close friends.
P posing in front of the xmas tree that i've decorated. Surprise that she didnt disturb the presents underneath the tree.
Xmas lunch that i had prepared, big bird, ham, roast veg and sweet corns
P enjoying a slice of ham
Log cake by CP
P undressing her presents

P undressing her present
Post party, she got so tired...

Monday, December 20, 2010

DIY Xmas Gift

This year, I've been motivated (is a dare by ATM) to DIY Xmas gifts.

An apron for Cousin J, ATM thinks it it too gay for him (roll eyes).

Zipper pouches for my girl friends :)

P helped with the stamping and punching of the mini greeting cards, she enjoyed her task :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mini ME

This is P trying to dress like Me.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


P can now relates things to an action. When she sees a big on the sky, she will shout, '小鸟 or bird' (depending on her mood) then spread out her arms and shout, '飞飞飞'. Last sun, while having her lunch, a plane was flying above our estate (common to have plane flying ard our estate), P immediately shout, '飞机,飞飞飞'. Honestly speaking, i m indeed very surprise that her vocab has improve quite abit, though at times her spoken words are not clear, but both ATM and me think that there is a lot of improvement. Lets hope, she will continue to improve and we dont even have to go for speech therapy :)

ECO Plant

Another attempt in growing the plant, this time will be my 3rd try. 1st time was the air plant, my dad brought all the way from Brunei, it is consider the most easy maintainance plant, just water it once a week. Dear air plant die under my care. 2nd attempt was with P's junior gardening set, mimosa and tomato. Somehow after sprouting, they move on as well. I suspect is the sun in the kitchen is too strong. My 3rd attempt, some eco plant tt i bought from JB. I actually bought 2 of it, 1 i keep in office and the other 1 in the kitchen. After 1 night, the seeds are sprouting (very fast).

My eco plant in colorful beads, the young man told me to put near my PC aas it will absorb the radiation.

After 1 night of soaking in water, the seeds are sprouting. Cool huh, goin g to show P, maybe we can start the bean sprout project.

Dragonboat training

First time back to the training after the competition in October. Surprisingly there is no muscle aching after the training, i need to invest on the paddle, but am lazy to travel from home to Kallang with the paddle.

Me paddling hard

Monday, December 13, 2010

Crash again

This is the 3rd time, my office PC has crashed again. I m still waiting on my replacement PC, not sure how long i will need to wait. Seems like i m always having problem with HP and Compaq, they always die on me..... Lucky this time i manage to back up all my data. I need new portable HDD.


I m ok if you talk to me when i m on the wheel, but refrain from annoying me. At times, i will be the driver when ATM has other appointment near home, so i will have to drive P to cc. Normally in the morning, she is quite ok, will either stone or self entertain, but in the evening, after cc, she will be super noisy like she has lots to tell you (what she learnt and what happened in cc). When i need to concentrate on the road, i would normally ignore her, but now she has master the skill of getting attention. Just yesterday, while i was ignoring her, she manage to shout, 'P的吗妈妈' to get my attention.  I was actually quite shock but yet proud of things that she has learnt.

Friday, December 10, 2010


This is the look that she showed, when my friends or strangers talk to her. Photo taken at the Charity event in my company, she stick to me like super glue thru'out the 2hr. I m hoping this anxiety issue will go away soon.


P's new BFF, Auntie Ice. This photo was taken in Batam.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

PaPa No Need Work

It is my routine to pick up P then ATM before heading home. Lately, ATM has been busy with his training and clearing leaves, so we will just go home without him. A few days ago, out of the blue, on our way home, P shouted to me 'PaPa no need work'. Then i asked her where is PaPa, she answered, 'Home'. Seems like P's vocab has improved quiet abit, 'PaPa no need work' is the longest sentence that she had said.