Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Thursday, January 24, 2013


We are always LATE, LATE, LATE, LATE. My blood just boiled even more, when i saw P cried when Teacher L called us. She tot she gonna miss her excursion to HPB. She was so looking forward to it till she cant sleep. The only time that we are on time are as usual when ATM goes reservist, P can reach cc as early as 715 or when ATM is on leave, we can reach cc at ard 845.

I m not sure how i m going to get the message to the old one that being late is RUDE and it is telling P that is OK to be late. Every year, my new year resolution is that P will be in school on time, this is the 4th year and seems like we getting later n later. Traffic is bad, but i do really hope that we can leave the damn front door before 8. I wana go to work early where i can do my work in peace.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY dress

First dress that i sew with the new machine. This will be P's CNY new dress....


One of my fav take, P having some quality time with ATM. P enjoys flipping thru pages looking at the picture, her fav is reading comic. Well, at least she is reading. Currently, ATM is reading a page of a book every night before sending her to bed. Wonder how long will this novelty last.


This is P's favourite picture with baby S. She just adores him so so so much. P is not allowed to carry him as the 2 are almost same weight. When baby S sit on her lap, we are not able to see P, when we laughed abt it, she got pissed off and told us off. He aint heavy, he is my brother......

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nail Extension

My first attempt at doing acrylic extension. Lotsa filing....

My first attempt at acrylic french extension, more complicated than normal extension.

New toy

Traded in my old Brother XL-2125 for this.

Sleeping alone

P asked to move into her own room. I must say she is pretty brave abt it.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Enrichment Class

CC is not offering any music lessons this year and we withdrew P from science enrichment class. The decision to withdrew her from science was P doesnt really show any interest. She cant tell me what she did except on her last science class, she told me abt the aeroplane. For the whole year, we only met her teacher once for PTC which is ok when u compared with music lesson, there was none. No more science class but we had our own at home...... no schedule or guideline..... just impromptu.

There were 2 new enrichment classes offered this year in CC, art n sports. We signed her up. She had her first class last week. She likes art, she told me, she drew 3 fishes and excited abt it. Then it was sports, they learnt abt badminton. She told me, u must balance then hit the ball.... She seems so excited....

She is just in K1, both ATM and i came to a mutual agreement that she will nt be attending to any academic based enrichement class.... In Spore, we are spoilt with choices....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Received an email informing us that 陈老师 will be transfered to another brand, it was a bit sad. She has taught P since her first day, she has taught P for 3 long years. We liked her teaching style, so is P. From a gal who has no knowledge of Mandarin to a gal who can speak her mandarin with a tint of chinese accent and who can recognise and write some basic chinese characters, 陈老师 has done a wonderful job.

I asked P where is 陈老师, she replied 陈老师 going to another school, now we have 祁老师. So far she is handling it very well, mayb we had underestimate her. She is enjoying her school, she told me that she is a 姐姐 and proud to b one.


P's dentist commented on her small teeth which were nicely packed on her gum. Though it looks tidy but it is not a good thing. As there were all milk teeth, once permanent teeth come out, it will be way bigger than her current teeth. The dentist told us that she will need braces as her jaw is small and will not be able to accomodate the 32 sets of teeth.... When i heard the word braces, the first word that i can think of is pain, followed by expansive.... Cant imagine the pain that she will have to endure, the removing of teeth to make space, uclers caused by the metal in the mouth....

Well it is still early to say anything yet, we will just wait and see..... 人真的可以为了美,而不要命吗?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Drink

Very first drink of the year..... With ZW who is going back to US.


Been busy with my little sis's wedding..... Finally there are ready.

Lavender scented soap

Clay magnet

New haircut

New haircut before school start..... I still prefer her in short hair.