Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Yipeee... finally my Lifesecure rider from GE has been approve. It is something like eldershield but payout is much higher than ES. Anyway it is just an insurance as i dun wanna be a financial burden to my family when i m sick.

Monday, September 2, 2013


A buddy that i had nt seen for 10y showed up in Spore for a conference.It felt so so good to catch up again and for the kids to make new frens. Meet up for a lovely lunch and the kids proceeded to the fake beach for some sun n fun.

River Safari

P ponteng school on fri, reason being... we are joining ATM and his colleagues to River Safari. It sounded so glam but it was a bit small. Since missed the feeding schedule, we walked on our own n spend quite some time with the pandas and manatee. I was surprise that P can name quite a numbers of the creatures, thanks to national geo and OKTO channels. We had lunch at KFC then headed back to River Safari for the feeding session.

Kids Gathering

A and her kids are back in Spore for a mth long holidays, meaning P will b busy catching up with the kids, so m i. A aaranged fir the kids to meet up at Fidgets @ Turf city.  The highlight of the day was the baking which are so looking forwards to. The recipe of the day was cookie dough pastry. P made 4 pastries and ATM.ate them all. Might consider signing up a 5x entry package which includes baking at 150.


Life is a bliss when i get to do what i like without interruption. Had a nice  lunch with the package and I, then we hop to MBS for the Phantom of the Opera. It was splendid.
A good company for a good play is important. We had tea @ TWG to end the day before Cinderella's ride turn back into a pumpkin.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Crystal Tree

Graduation Piece

My piece for graduation. P gave me the ideas.


P's collection over the year.

Longkang Fishing

Her current favourite activity.

Fav Chair

Her fav chair at home. You will see her here every morning, after she got up from bed. My poor Uangel, no chance to sit on.

Unsuccessful Attempt

Tot tis is a sure work recipe, i m wrong. Will try again