Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

N didnt Hug me

Lying on the bed, P told me that she fell down today. I asked where n she told me outdoor (means playground) and with her sad voice, she said N didnt hug me this time.... Apparently N (P's buddy in cc) will hug P when she fell down or cry (isnt it sweet). N left cc abt a month ago, poor P is missing her.... No wonder she is staring at N's photo on the staircase often.

Asked P if she misses N, perhaps she doesnt know the meaning of MISS ba. She kept telling me, she no more school.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


ATM won a pair of tix to the premeir of 'Change up', which is showing last night at GV Grand. Personally going to movie is a luxury to me after P join the family, cos i will only bring her to G and PG rating movie/cartoon.

Asked him abt the rating of the movie, being a typical man, his replied, 'Nvm, can go in one, anyway she wont understand'. Fine since he said tt, as i have wanted to watch this movie myself. When we are at the cinema, saw the rating is M18, told him tt it wouldnt b appropriate for P. He insisted tt it is OK n join the Q. At the entrance we were rejected by the staff, saying P is nt allowed in since the movie is M18. Well, i m nt complaining but a job well done for her......

So we left the cinema and went shopping at Great world city. P insisted she wana watch Papa Smurf which she has watched 2 times. Well, lesson well learnt, check the movie rating before going to the movie if we are to bring the kid.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Call

I got myself a Happy call pan, ATM thinks it is the 2nd well invested piece of home appliances after the pressure cooker. It is good to use plus there is no cooking smell in the house. I tried making roast sweet potatoes and pumpkin.

I have always wanted to make roast pork, with the pan i m able to make it. Problem is the pork tt i bought has been cut to quite small piece. Note to self, buy a bigger piece so when the lid is close, it will nt fall to the side. I used the pan to make fried ikan bilis, P loves it so much, she is munching it as snack.

Roast pork that doesnt look like one but taste like one. P ate almost half of it.

How can anyone resist this?
Tried making nasi goreng Kampong using the pan..... no complain there

Ice Cream Making Workshop

Rushed all the way from home to Orchard Central, just because the cheapo mummy bought a ice cream making workshop deal @ $9.95 by Learning Tech. We were late, n P hate being late, she refused to sit down. After lotsa coaxing, finally she sat down. Personally, i dun like how the workshop is conducted, too many kids and parents ard and not much interaction. Maybe i will try the ice cream making thingy again wif P and her cousins.

Making her ice cream
The end product b4 the decoration
Enjoying the ice cream

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kids' Talk

I like sending P to cc, cos the kids in her class will have small talks with me. I enjoy talking with them, cos they really make my day. They call me P's mommyyyyyyy, dragging the myyyyyyyyyy just like P. CC is getting pretty empty since half have relocate to the new cc.

The cleaning auntie will talk to me, that is my chance to speak my Malay. This morning, as usual she asked if P taken her breakfast, she told me P is very small size, is she eating at home? I told her she dun like rice, only eat 2 tablespoons, and she eat her meat, veg n fruits. Not i dun wan to feed her, she eats little. She said in cc, she will finish her food as Teacher S will make her. In cc, she will drink her milk, at home, i have to take out the cane, so she will finish her milk.

At the toilet i saw C, she said hi to me and told me that she just pee in the toilet. So cute...... Then JY came in n said hi, n told me tt she is a 姐姐, and her mom just gave birth to a baby sister. C continued as well saying she has sister too, she is a 姐姐 and WN too is a 姐姐 cos she has a baby brother. So sweet.... Now i know why P told me abt she wanting a baby sister, asking if i have a baby in my tummy.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cupcake Making

Our HQ has organised a cupcake making session at Jiale. Of cos, i signed up for it, as i wana learn to make frosting and roll fondants. Cupcakes are fun to make n decorate but too sweet to eat. P only eat the plan cupcake and told me the decorated cupcake LOOK nice but very sweet.

Cupcake make and decorated by ME, we only ate 3-4 cupcakes and the rest were all given away.

Training Bike

P has upgraded from her tricycle to training bike. ATM bought the bike from NTUC Xtra at abt $40. The bike has been sitting in the room for abt 2mth as she cant cycle due to the height of the sit and pedal even after i adjusted the seat. But all is solved, cos 公公 has fixed the problem and now she is cycling ard the house everyday, she hasnt learn to use the brake yet. ATM even bought P a helmet to go with the bike. Was telling him that we should get another bike so we can cycle to park.

The cheeky gal even agree to stop n pose for a photo

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Went on a trip back to Kuching, where the 4 of us spend our holidays, with ma ma and cousins. Now most of the cousins are married with kids and so do i. P get to meet her cousins and her zhor zhor. Coming from a peranakan background, i hope P will learn something abt her roots. She spoke zero words of baba hokkien. ATM found it hard to understand wat we are saying. None of us except ma ma wear her kebaya n sarong. Told her tt when she move on, i would wana inherit her kebaya which are all handmade. I wont be able to wear them as i m must bigger frame than ma ma. This trip back home is more like a trip down the memory lane, visiting the places tt we used to visit. It will be great if the 4 of us can go back at the same time. Ma ma is getting old, she dun wan to get her feet out of the country, cos she dun wana to die oversea. We planned to celebrate her bday during this trip but as some relative passed away so we cant. We ended up having dinner at some restaurant. Bought lot of cakes and chocolate for ma ma from Spore, she has sweet tooth. Ma ma will never spend $$ on herself. Good to see that P is spending time with her zhor zhor, ma ma really adores her.

This trip back, seems like everything has goes up in price. Things dont look cheap as b4. A bowl of laksa cost RM5, a bowl of kolo mee cost RM3, a meal will easily cost u RM7-8 per person. Somehow the taste and feeling of the food and places are different.... Wonder will i be able to find back the taste and the feeling of 20 years ago? We have home cook food almost everyday, P seems to eat more than when she in Spore, which is good for us. When she is in Kuching, her mouth basically never stop eating. With the cousins ard almost all the time, she has learnt to share and fight for things that she wan.

Bebe and the little nyonya

Celebrating mid autumn festival in advance

Playing Puzzle with her cousin