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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Day

Today is the day for my Lasek, watched 2 youtube clips on the Lasek procedure..... I m kinda nervous, escpecially the nurse from SNEC called and informed me to go down 15min earlier as doc requested an additional test for cell count on my cornea... I know how to do cell count but not on cornea, wonder why he need to know the cell count on my cornea. This was nt reported on ppl who had lasek.... ATM told me sometimes it is better that i dunno too much....

Since i be literally blind for the next few days, i changed and washed all the bedsheets, cooked for the next few days and settled my work stuff before going on MC... Looking forward to be glasses free but at the moment worried.... since all surgery comes with a risk...

Wish me good luck and speedy recovery....

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life is short

Got a message from my cousin yesterday, it was a bad new. It was to inform us that her mom's cancer has spread. The last time i saw my aunt was 2 mth ago. We were chatting and she told me that she has planned to go Taiwan with my mom, but my mom stood her up..... She had part of her intestine removed due to colorectal cancer and not long after the surgery, the doc detected lung cancer. There were choices to continue chemo or remove one of her lungs but she decided on chemo. It is a choice which i will choose as well. With TCM, her condition was under control. Now more tests and scans are to be conducted to see how far cancer has spread. My aunt, a retired teacher lead a very healthy lifestyle and you just cant believe she will be tortured by cancer.......

Recently, Angelina Jolie had a mastectomy to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. So i m just normal... My aunts both had their uterus removed due to cancer, so being related to them, the chances of me getting the nasty thing is relatively high. I told ATM and my family abt my decision to have a hysterectomy, and nobody was supportive. I talked to my doctors abt it, they think that i m still young. Perhaps after Angelina's mastectomy, mayb the doc will listen to me?

My grandpa had stage 3 colorectal cancer, had 1m of the large intenstine removed. 2 years later, reocurrance, another half a meter removed. It is impossible to have our large intestine removed to prevent it. The only thing we could do is change our diet.

Life is short, you never know what will happen tomorrow. Enjoy it.....

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Her first accident since she went diaperless at night. Perhaps she is too tired. She fell asleep in less than 10 min every night and wakes up at 730 every morning. Maybe she works too hard in school.

She is able to tell me what she did in school. Just this morning, she told me abt a death bird in the playground, the ants were eating the bird and the legs of the bird were broken. She is able to describe her finding in details and she doesnt think it is gross at all. Recently, i saw on her little brown book, she had added a few new chinese words inside.... She must be working real hard in school......

Accident happens..... just clean up and move on......

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Time flies

Almost 5 years, time flies. My little warrior is a big gal now. No more diaper at night. On weekend, when she woke up before us, i dun have to worry abt her. She will change out her pj, clean up and make her own breakfast. She will get her sesame paste from the fridge n spread them on her bread. After she is done, she will watch her fav cartoon on tv.

At least i know she is able to do simple task for herself. She is able to shower on her own but most of the time she is playing with water.

Now tat she is older, she is asking for milk as she wana grow tall.... haha

Monday, May 6, 2013

Lasik Assessment

Went for my assessment at SNEC yesterday, costed me abt 170. Almost half of the day, i have problem with my near vision due to eyedrop for pupil dilation. As i age, my eyesight actually improved a little. My latest pair of glasses is actually overcorrected, no wonder i m not very happy with it. I m still comfortable with my old one.

Spent abt 3h for the assessment, and verdict is my cornea is thin which make me not a candidate for lasik. But a good candidate for Lasek. In Lasek the outer later epithilium tissue is scrap off, an excimer laser is used to reshaped the cornea. This is recommended to ppl with thin cornea.

The down side is the pain and discomfort plus hazy vision for weeks...... The next question is shall i or shall i not.

Kite Flying

ATM has been declared fit after his cardio check up, he is declared fit for IPPT. So no more lazy weekend. On Saturday, we headed to Marina Barrage for kite flying and a mini picnic. P is more into the picnic then kite flying. Our kite went up the sky after one attemp. The weather is good, P has a swell time running around. Fresh air and lotsa greenery for her to exercise her eyes. Well, wearing glasses anot is just a matter of time, we are just trying to delay it. So lotsa eye exercise for her.......