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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End of 2011

In another few days, it will be the start of a new year. The chapter for year 2011 is coming to an end soon. There were so many things to be thankful for, and hope 2012 will be a better one.

Time flies, P is in cc for almost 2 yr now. LV @ TLL has closed down n the kids been shifted to Alpha. She has gown so much, her uniforms are getting shorter, she has outgrowed a few shoes. She is taking fresh milk now, taking in more food. Overall, she is doing very well (according to my standard). I can have a smooth conversation with her, she will tell me abt school and friends. And most importantly, she started to arrgue with us at home, it is fun seeing her trying to use big words in her argument. After PTC, i started P with some Kumon worksheet, working on tracing, coloring and cutting skill. I tried to make it fun for her, usually it takes her abt less than 15min to finish, we will do it 2-3 times a week. So far, her health is doing well, a case of suspected HFMD, common cold and her sinus, nothing serious. Just hope that next year, she will be doing better.

Whereas for me, work is always busy. Appraisal is usually based on the number of papers and patents published, sometimes i wonder how long will i last in this industry? I so wanted to move into private sector, but i know is hard, when the person at home is nt supportive at all. Basically i can only looked for job that has normal working hour, as i will need to pick up the little one and take care of her, reason being is i m a woman. When the man has to take care of his kid, the old man will think that the wife is nt doing his job. There are times when i m home late, P is still awake n nt getting ready for bed, and i will have alot of complaints from ATM saying that my daugther is GL, notti..... It is really tiring, at times i really feel like taking a long break from everything. My new year resolution for the new year is to be healthy, look for a new job and buat bodoh with things at home, we need to share the resposibility. I will continue to paddle since i miss the competition this yr due to the bloody appendicitis, hopefully next yr, we can get a place in top 3. I wana volunteer in SCM and take part in the GE run. Most importantly, i hope i will a good mother to P.

Well for ATM, i hope he will be more responsible towards P. Basically just hope that he will be on time, so P will reach school ard 845am.

My Birthday

This year, we didnt do much on my birthday as FIL is in SGH having a prostatectomy. FIL is a very pessimistic old man, for 3 month prior to the surgery, he had been worried non stop abt not waking up after the surgery. We have told him so many times tt, it is a simple surgery. Even told him, my grandpa who is much older has 1m of his large intestine removed and he is still as radiant and healthy as before. Well, the GP suspects he might has depression, hope the medication will work, cos entertaining my FIL raises my BP. I m so sick of answering the why u had appendicitis, u looked healthy question.... Anyway this is nt the first time i m offended with the question, perviously was why u had premature delivery, it is because of your health issue....

P saw a photo of me cutting a cake on my hp, she ran into the room with her masak-masak. Then i was asked to go to the room and she sang the birthday song. I felt so touched by her gesture. Did i mention that dad was the 1st to message me the birthday greeting. He is the one who always forget abt our birthday but this year he was the first to greet me. As he aged, he is no longer like the strict MCP dad that we knew, heis actually quite fun to hang out with. He reads to P and tells her stories, played and there were lotsa hugs, kisses and praises for little P. These were the sight tt we never get to see when we were young, as he was busy working to bring back the dough, so the 4 of us get to go oversea to further our studies. Personally i like the current dad, perhaps semi-retiring makes him more relax.

Isnt she creative?

We're going on a bear hunt

Ok, i must admit i m nt the most up to date mommy. Recently the gal has been toking/singing abt Bear hunt. I wasnt sure what she was talking abt, but is very sure she learnt it from cc. Only till last sunday, i finally figure out what she was singing. It is a story called We're going on a bear hunt by Micheal Rosen. Googled the title to find out more abt it, finally i knew wat it is and i can sing it together with her.

Found this on youtube, P used to sing to this as well, the only words that i can understand was Baby Bumblebee.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Future Pianist

P enjoys music. She has a little keyboards that she plays with. On Xmas day, we were over at ATM's cousin for a mini celebration. They have a piano, a real piano. When P saw it, she rushed up and started practising the 2 keys her cousin taught her. ATM's cousins were all music literate, so it is an opportunity for P to feel and see and experience with her own senses. Advice from the expert is to let her have a go at it.....

She looks like professional right?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

T3 Changi airport

We are frequent visitors of the Changi airport, especially T3, it is brighter n more spacious as compared to T1 and T2. Without failed, we will visit the airport during Xmas time. This year, it is angry bird theme and not to mentionP's favourite bouncy castle.

That is us with P....

P and 公公

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

First Dental Check up

We had asked the neonat for dental referral during the last visit. As i suspected the enamel of her incisors are partially gone due to her bad reflux during infancy.

Then dental clinic is located in Cleft Craniofacial Centre just next to the Children development unit. Just like any children clinic, staffs are friendly and the place is cosy. The staffs are also distributing balloons to the kids. I saw a few secondary students sculpting the balloons in the room. While waiting for P's turn, she went to play corner and was playing with the few kids there instantly. This is a big improvement for her, perviously she will just stand aside and just look and behave like a loner. Recently, we have seen that this behaviour has improved, she is playing with kids when we are doing shopping and playgrounds.

When it was P's turn, we went in, it is nothing like private dental clinic which is equiped with tv and whatsoever. The dental officer is a very friendly lady. P has to sit on my lap on the recline chair as she is still small. The dental officer showed her all the tools that will be used to count her teeth and she get to feel and hold the tools. P is pretty cooperative, opened her mouth for the check up. The dental officer told us that yes her teeth is thinning and good thing is the enamel is nt fully corroded. Since it is milk teeth, we will just wait for it to drop since her reflux is so much better compared to when she was a baby. The other thing that we were told to do is to mix her toothpaste with adult toothpaste during brushing time. As kid's toothpaste is low in fluoride.

P will be back again for checkup in a year time. So far there is no decay and her teeth are perfect except the thinning part. We hope that she will maintain a good oral hygience.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kid's Talk

It is getting real interesting to talk to P. Sometimes i wonder how her little brain works.

After ATM ignored her request, P took out the ipod, on the calculator and key in afew number.
P: Helo Police, come catch my papa.

P took the thumbdrive on the desk, and pretending to light a piece of namecard. ATM asked me to look at what she is doing.
ATM: You smoke in front of her?
Me: P, what is tt u are holding?
P: Birth
M: What is birth?
P: Birth lo (looking at me like i m asking a stupid question)
M: Can u tell mama, wat is tt u are holding, mama dunno.
P: Happy birthday to you.
M: Arrrrrr.... a lighter......
We had a good laugh.

P is one of those kids who doesnt like their photo to be taken but rather taking photo of other ppl. She has been taking my mobile or the camera to click ard.
公公: Gaya saja (laughing and shaking his head)
P asking her papa to pose so she can take is photo.
P: Papa, you hand like this (forcing him to do the peace sign) and smile (pinch his chin)

Trying to clean her nose, it is flu of dried up mucus (or pisai in hokkien)
P: Dont tickle my pisai, Mommy!
Me: I m trying to clean up your nose
P: Stop tickling my pisai

At the supermarket, Q-ing at the cashier.
P: Uncle noti
Me: why uncle noti?
P: Uncle didnt Q
That is so much milder than what my niece's said when she were 3. She shouted, uncle botak.

Taking the shuttle bus, the driver thinks that he is some F1 driver.
P: Mama, uncle drive so fast, so dangerous.....

Monday, December 12, 2011

Enrichment Classes

There will be having enrichment classes in CC next year. Problem is which one to sign up. Attending enrichment classes during CC hour is ideal for us as it save us the hassle of sending P to classes on wkend. Currently she is attending Misulo art class on sat, she is enjoying the activities there, so we are letting her continue.

Now back to enrichment classes in CC, so many to choose from, there is music, gym, ballet and even science. For science, i know i can teach her at home, but i know there will be a lot of fighting, arguing, eye ball rolling moments. So to keep myself sane and nt elevating my BP, i think if she is interested, i will just let her join. Whereas ATM thinks that, P should join ballet, so P can be a bit girly. Ballet is good for her as she will learn to coordinate and balanceherself which she is nt very good yet. Then so is gym class, which i think P will enjoy the most. Then there is music class, P has been asking us to teach her piano but none of us has any clue. Her 6yo cousin has been teaching her a few techniques and she is practising at home with her little keyboard.

We are OK to expose her to different things but will it be too much for P? Maybe we will have to check if trial classes are available and then will see how. Kids today are so busy....

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I attended a few parenting talks after P was born. Not trying to be the best parents but just dun wan to be like my parents. I remembered one speaker vividly, we are nt supposed to praise a kid, smart or clever when they have performed a task, rather we will just tell them good job. With P going to cc, I noticed that she is using the phrase good job, very good compared to my nieces; they like to use the phrase so clever. My personal view is that when kids are praise as clever, they just take things likely thinking that they are smart and will not even try. Whereas kids that are nt praised smart but were told good job, they are more likely to try harder or keep trying.

Reading Today this morning, I saw an article, “The trouble with bright kids” commented on the smart-praise kids have difficulty learning something new and they take it as a sign that they are not ‘good’ and ‘smart’ rather than a sign that they need to try harder.

I wan P to be a confident child when she grows up, i wan her to know her abilities which she is capable of if she tried and practice. I wan her to be able to take up challenges rather than chicken out because she cant do it. I wan her to be able to make a reroute or detour if she met a roadblock. I m not stingy with my praises, i dun wan her to have a big head. Perhaps the right choice of words and praises will help. I wan her to do well and be better off than me

Parents, so much to learn.

Scott's Birthday

P is a big fan of Scottie since young, mayb they have special chemistry. We were told to come early for the party, little did i know that Ann has organized a animal magic show. We were nt allowed to take photos during the show.
P and ATM
P with Mommy wearing a silly wig

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Playground in shopping center is getting very common now. Recently we were at the the new Changi Point City, the playground is just nicely situated outside the foodcourt. ATM took P out to have some fun, while i order a toast set and nicely seated in the air conditioned indoor and watched them. Life wouldnt be sweeter than this.

P had never try half boiled eggs. Eversince then, she will tell me not to cook her eggs.

Trying to balance herself


After some persuation, we decided to get the the Letterland- Alphabet Frieze and the CD since P is always singing the welcome to Letterland song. The Frieze is huge, so P can see clearly. Recently, she has been spending her freetime recognizing her alphabet, before going into her room, she will walk pass the frieze, ATM will ask her an letter. Before bedtime, she will an alphabet on her whiteboard.

Next i will need to put up the numbers on the wall. During my time i dun see my parents being so kan cheong abt this, i didnt even go to kindy. I learnt ABC just weeks before goin to P1.

P and her letterland, i m nt allowed to even touch it.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bilingual or Trilingual

ATM has been asking if we should expose P to Bahasa Melayu. Personally i m not sure, eventhough i m trilingual educated. Can a person really master 3 languages? After leaving Brunei 15y ago, i stop speaking Bahasa Melayu, even now i m quite rusty, i can understand but spoke with very limited vocab. Now my only practise i have is with the cleaning lady in my office and the cleaning lady and cook in P's cc.

When N was still in cc, P learnt a few malay words from her. The few malay words that she is exposed to is when we talked to my grandma. Being a peranakan myself, i m quite ashame of myself as i dun speak very well in the language. Perhaps watching Suria, TV 2 and TV 3 is a good start.

Then we will start asking, how abt dialects. P is exposed to cantonese since she is watching TVB serials with me. I learnt my cantonese from tv, nt complaining abt it :)

Year end concert 2011

This is P's first ever performance. My dad has been very excited abt it and wanted to join us for the concert but due to work commitment he is nt able to fly over. So we asked ATM's dad if he will be interested to see P perform.

Prior to the performance, i tot she will doin the Mr Sun's dance, since she is always singing that song and dancing to it. During the performance, she has a big ribbon attached to the back like a japanese gal. The 1st performance was a chopstick dance, she did pretty well i must say. While she was dancing, i can see the splitting image of my little sis Y. The second performance was the korean song, P started to b distracted, she was looking ard for us. She saw A n E's mother, she assumed we will be there and she was looking for us. Third performance was some chinese dance. Due to the overwhelming respond, most parents were at the front taking pic of their child performance, i didnt get much shots of P (thanks to my short genes, even standing on the chair i still cant get good pic of P). Thanks to ATM, he had the whole performance recorded. E has been bugging me to sent her the video.

Initially we tot that she will have stage fright like mommy who cant perform on stage. Well i m wrong she did well. In  3y times, we will see her donning on the graduation gown and that potrait will be a new addition next to ours.

No Milk Day

P is a non milk drinker, feeding P milk is like feeding her poison. But when in cc she is ok, even with fresh milk which is double the volume of her milk she is ok. She will come home n tell me she had fresh milk and she finished it. I actually have doubt abt it but the teacher comfirmed that she finished her milk, just need sometimes.

Today at PTC, we were told that starting from next wk, we do not need to bring FM anymore. I know the time will come, but teacher told us tt, they will be feed with milk prepared in cc instead. That is good, she will still be taking her milk. To compensate on the milk intake, we feed her cheese n yogurt for calcium, strong bone and growth. I still have 2 cans of FM, it will take quite awhile to finish.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where is the tree?

Ever since we moved to our own flat, we have a habit of displaying the Xmas tree. Though we are chinese, we enjoy Xmas more than CNY. Dont ask me why but i just perfer Xmas, i love Xmas carol. P is singing/humming Xmas songs, seems like she knows Xmas is ard the corner.

Just last night, she ask abt the triangle tree, yes it is the Xmas tree. Looks like i might need to take out the tree this wk n start decorating it with P. This year, the extended families will be coming over to celebrate Xmas with us. It is time for me to plan for the menu, dig out the wines and say halo to shopping. :)

PTC 2011

This year, the year PTC was a bit late so i wasnt able to show Dr A, P's progress thru her school work. Both of us enjoy going to the PTC, to get to know the P w/o us ard. She is like a gal with a split personality when we are ard and when we are not. From her teachers, she is very well mannered, greeting the teachers, saying sorry and thank you. But when she is home, i hardly hear her say sorry when she is at wrong. Both ATM and i just relate it to peer pressure and monkey see monkey do syndromes.

Note from Teacher S is that we need to pay more attention on her pyscomotor skill, her jumping is a little bit funny, it is nt natural. 陈老师 told us tt P likes to be praised so another trick to push her to do thing is to praise her. It is good talking to the teachers, they know what method to use....

Just like her Misulo art class, P being the smallest size kids, the bigger kids tend to pamper her. Kids today are so sweet, taking care of the smaller/younger one. A few of her classmates had new siblings, P asking if we are goin to have a baby and she has already think of the name for the baby, Chloe... Sorry to disappoint you, dont think we will be having any baby unless we decide to adopt.

I was quite surprise when Teacher S told me she read my blog. No wonder ATM asked if i had a blog quite awhile ago....

Note to self: We will need to work with P to help her wif counting and recognizing the alphabet as N2 will be more academic compare to N1. Time for playtime with pencil and paper to draw line, circle and many more.