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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kid's Talk

It is getting real interesting to talk to P. Sometimes i wonder how her little brain works.

After ATM ignored her request, P took out the ipod, on the calculator and key in afew number.
P: Helo Police, come catch my papa.

P took the thumbdrive on the desk, and pretending to light a piece of namecard. ATM asked me to look at what she is doing.
ATM: You smoke in front of her?
Me: P, what is tt u are holding?
P: Birth
M: What is birth?
P: Birth lo (looking at me like i m asking a stupid question)
M: Can u tell mama, wat is tt u are holding, mama dunno.
P: Happy birthday to you.
M: Arrrrrr.... a lighter......
We had a good laugh.

P is one of those kids who doesnt like their photo to be taken but rather taking photo of other ppl. She has been taking my mobile or the camera to click ard.
公公: Gaya saja (laughing and shaking his head)
P asking her papa to pose so she can take is photo.
P: Papa, you hand like this (forcing him to do the peace sign) and smile (pinch his chin)

Trying to clean her nose, it is flu of dried up mucus (or pisai in hokkien)
P: Dont tickle my pisai, Mommy!
Me: I m trying to clean up your nose
P: Stop tickling my pisai

At the supermarket, Q-ing at the cashier.
P: Uncle noti
Me: why uncle noti?
P: Uncle didnt Q
That is so much milder than what my niece's said when she were 3. She shouted, uncle botak.

Taking the shuttle bus, the driver thinks that he is some F1 driver.
P: Mama, uncle drive so fast, so dangerous.....

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