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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Dun Wana Go to School

P has been crying since last night at bedtime telling me she dun wana go to school, she wana stay at home with us till she fall asleep. I have been asking her y and what happened in school and i got no answer from her.... This morning she refused to wear her uniform n cried again and said she dun wana go to school. She even told me she wana change school and go to A's school. I hope this is just a case of her missing her best friend. After our 2 weeks break, she seems ok when we sent her to school but on the 2nd week behaviour changed. I hope things will get better soon. Honestly speaking, i m quite worried as this never happen before.

I will need a lot of patience to handle her, so help me GOD, please........

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sense of security

P's sense of security is pretty low lately, she is very clingy. Perhaps she had been left pretty much alone, since i have tonnes of housework and work work to do/finish off since we just back from holiday plus our part time cleaner was nt contactable. When i busy cleaning the house, she was left alone watching tv or doing her stuffs, as usual ATM is always busy in front of his lappy.

Actually doing housework can be very theraputic when there is no one to disturb/dirty up the place. I be in the shouting mode when P is running around when i m mopping the floor. It can get pretty dangerous, she might fall due to the wet floor. She get damn piss when she is being shout at.... The cleaning, cooking, work and taking care of P just make me loose my patience....

During lunch time, Teacher L called and asked if i m fetching P. Seems like P has been a cry baby lately, looking for her mommy... Time likes tis, u feel like quitting you job and spend more time with her.

Random Rants

I m not happy, when it took him 30-45 min to finish his dinner and yet scold her for eating so slow. Basically what kinda example is he showing to her. We are always late for everything, P is always late, she always reaches school after 9am... I m not happy....

I m super pissed when he spend more time with his laptop and his transformers than with P. P is showing signs of rejection towards him, at times i feel like a single parent. P is always complaining abt him for shouting at her and he is always complaining abt P being rude to him. They are always arguing. He said that i pampered her too much tt is y she is so rude.... My fault again.

Perhaps it is time for me to go for an oversea conference, rather than pass the chance to my colleagues.....

Sunday, July 29, 2012

First Wedding

P attended her first wedding, it was ATM's cousin wedding. I m proud tt she can sit still from 1pm till 5pm, no fuss at all.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

We are Back

We are back after our 2 weeks long break. During our absent, we got a parking fine, all thanks to the FIL who parked the car in the wrong carpark. Things at home were misplaced becos the FIL came to spot check the house...... ARGH....... But the most important thing is P didnt show sign of post holiday syndrome, she is so looking forward to school.... whereas i m showing the post holiday syndrome, i have to drag myself to work.....

Overall we had a great holiday break. P get to see the dolphins and sharks up close and personally, saw live and death roos in the wild. Since it is winter, P was in hibernating mode, she nap for at least 1 h and slept for abt 10 h at night, and she ate alot too.... Thats y the teachers in CC said that she looks bigger after the trip.... she put on abt 1kg in 2 weeks.

I get to caught up with my frens. It is good to see K again, every time i see him, he grew taller, now he is taller than me and he spoke good mandarin. Oh, my sister, E gave birth to a 2.57kg baby boy and had panic attack twice and that was scary. The new parents over feed the baby and in 10 days he put on 1kg :)

ATM get to buy his transformers, lotsa them cos it is cheaper....

Sunday, July 22, 2012


P has grasp the idea on the plural term where u -s when there is more than 1 item. As NDP is ard the corner, and flags can be seen all ard Spore. P will shout 'flag-es' when she see more than 1 flag ard.

Last yr we attended 2 NDP rehearsals and the real thing, so when she sees so many flags, she will say 'Majulah'. Doubt she knows the meaning of the word, it will take us awhile for us to explain to her. Soon she will be learning national anthem and the pledge, looking forward to that day.

PTC Sem 1 2012

We always look forward to PTC. So far P is doing OK. Teacher L do highlight to us that she tend to wonder off when they are having big group activity whereas in smaller group she is ok. Hope this will get better as she grows older and not to mention her attention span....... ้™ˆ่€ๅธˆis happy with her progress and also reminded us to maintain her progress, do not use the same method of teaching, we need to change our style to keep her interested..... Parenting these day are tough..... think it will get tougher as we need to be catching up with all the new things.....
Well done kiddo and keep it up.......

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Helo Perth

It is freaking cold here in WA, at least it isnt raining. P enjoys the weather here.

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Bye bye Spore

P is down with fever when we reach the airport. What a great start.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Family

P loves drawing n no doubt her drawing has improved a lot.

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P is shocked when she saw a ship on top of a building, that is MBS. So when i fold her a boat, she glued on the cabinet and she shouted like the building.

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