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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Back to her clingy self again. She will cling on to me like a koala bear n refused to let go. Ms R will have a hard time tring to separate her from me. It is like a vicious cycle. I m wondering what will happen when she is in primary school.

I asked her over the wkend, y she is so clingy when we sent her to school. She replied because she wana be with me. I told her i m always ard, when she needed me. But she gave me a shocking replied, but u sometimes tummy pain, i scare u nt here. Wondering if her seeing me going thru the pre-surgery procedure left a scary image in her mind?

I know she enjoys school but the process of sending her into the main door can b a bit tiring.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Finally, finally i made an appointment with SNEC for Lasik screening, hope my eyes will be eligible for Lasik. Then i will be glasses free....

The last time i had my eyes examined was abt 6y ago and that was for my N3 Laser license. After that was accompany P for her routine eyecheck where they will apply eyedrops and wait for the pupils to dilate. That feeling is horrible.

Well finally i took the first step.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back to normal

Well, so far so good after our 10 days break. P is back to childcare, so far no crying or refusing to go in. Hope she will be good, as i was abit worried that she will be grumpy since Teacher L will be away for a mth. Mayb i worry too much.....


Dun get it wrong... It is just a word that P likes to say when she is asking you to be faster... Not sure where she learnt it but we are trying our best to stop her from sayign the word.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Facing reality

Yup, we are back from our 10 days vacation.... ATM had planned this trip in April cos he knew that i be getting my bonus, damn. Just joking there, cos we had to utilize the points for hotels before there expired. We flew by Tiger airline, and guess what our flight home from HK was delayed by almost 3h. We reached home ard 1230am, and poor P was off to childcare when she woke up and we went back to work leaving all luggage unpack in the living room.

Whats our after tots for this trip? P asked if she can come back to HK again? Meaning she is enjoying herself. ATM was pretty satisfied with the trip, ate most of the food he craved for and got a few of his stuffs at bargain price. As for me, i m pretty happy with the trip this time round, we covered alot of places by public transport and not by cab. We visited Macau, HK and Shenzhen. P experienced the 'Ding Ding Bus' (tram), ferry crossing the river, train, bus as well as on her feet..... We walked from Wan Chai where we stayed to IFC, took the train to Olympic City and walked to Mongkok.... And from Mongkok to Jordon. Showed P the not so tourist-y places. She is a good traveller, she dun complaint much, when she is tired she will fall asleep in her stroller, she really eats, sleeps, plays and enjoys herself. Personally i find it more fun travelling with her now, cos i get feedback from her.

Not to mention we also burnt a big hole in our wallet. We began our trip with a 25kg luggage and came back with 4 luggages weighed 58kg in total.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dental visit

P went for her dental appointment in KKH yesterday, she is visiting the dental clinic twice a year. She tagged along to dental clinic with us when we go for our check up. She enjoys standing next to me, holding my hand n tip toed to see what the dentist is doing with my teeth. She will examine the tools as well. It is a good thing that she is not afraid to step into the dental clinic.

P has small jaws and her teeth are closely packed, we were told to floss her teeth frequently to prevent decay. The dentist told us that P will do a xray on her teeth when she is older. Her next appointment is 6 mth later.....

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Escalating cost

It seems like everything has increased its cost except our salaries. Received an email from HR informing us that the cost of dependant medical insurance has increased due to high claim rate in FY12. I recalled getting the insurance for P in 2009 and at that time it was 300+, in 2013 it almost doubled.

Perhaps we dun have a choice since P still cant get her medical insurance due to her premature birth. Initially we were told, after 2yo should be easy but we have been rejected time after time..... Now they told us to wait till 7yo when things stabilize. Take a look at her, she is healthy n active, nvr been admitted to hospital since her discharge and yet the insurance companies keep dwelling on her heart issue. The holes been closed by medication and nt even surgery. I wonder will it be worst if some kids were born with heart problem?

Whatever it is, we will still be getting it for P.