Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Supplements for kids

When P was on FM, the only supplement i gave her was Childlife's colostrum, since FM has so much more nutrients added in it. Nutrients overload is nt good as well, that is why kidney stone in children has been a rise. Since P is on fresh milk now, i tried to add in some additional nutrients which she might miss out. She is on Childlife's colostrum to boost her immune system, Ocean's DHA and multivitamins. We skip the Vitamin C as she has more than 2 serving of fruits a day, excess Vitamin C will come out thru the pee.

We tried to instil healthy eating in her.and once awhile junk. Which kid doesnt like fast food? So we let her had Mac once a month, and she get to order what she wants. Her usual order will be 4 pieces of nugget and a cup of corn plus a drink, they used to serve apple juice then the stop so P chose coke light but now Mac is serving Ribena.

Imagination at another level

I had been packing P's baby clothing for my sister, her baby is due in July. So P and i were having this very casual talk abt where baby are from.

Just on Fri, Teacher L asked ATM if i m preggy because P has been telling them that i had a baby in my tummy and is a girl. P is having this imaginary syndrome lately. There is a green dinasour in our house and it will come into the house when we goes out and P will have to throw it out when she came home. We had been having quite a number of abandon babies at home that P had been taking care off. Sometimes she will scream at me cos i sat on the imaginary baby.

Some of her imaginary play are quite creative. All this imaginary friends and play are due to her lacking playmates?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hard road ahead

This year our bonus is not very attractive not to mention our increment. It is not even half of Singapore 5.2% inflation rate.  I was very disappointed. Sigh....

We all know pretty well that the field that we are in will not be getting too much funding le. Sigh...

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Playing outdoor

Blowing bubbles, she looks so tall in this photo

To avoid P from getting close to me, I have give her permission to play in the corridor. She chose to play with bubbles then cycle ard. She seems to enjoy it alot.

Down again

First i was coughing like crazy, next i m down with viral fever. I m still burning hot since last sun. Tot i recovered on mon but the fever came back in the afternoon and by then the fever went up to 39.5C. It is funny how the temperature is having this yo yo effect and no medication can stop it. It has been 4 days, I m still having 38.5C fever. The first thing when Dr S asked me was hows P. She reminding me to wash my hand and wear a mask at home to prevent spreading of virus.

Luckily my parents are here, they help with taking care of P. I tried to stay 1-2m away from P but she keep coming to take temperature for me and pat me to sleep. So sweet...... I have been taking so much lozenges, chinese cooling tea and panadol that my tongue feels like a cardboard and i cant taste anything. I feel like havin an icecream to cool down the temperature but i dun wana cough. I feel like a walkign radiator......

Was telling ATM, i can feel for P when she is down wif viral fever.... it is horrible but yet she still can be so active..... I need to be nicer to her when she is sick...... Think my body is getting super weak le, need to boost up my immune.......

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whose homework?

P was given some task to finish over the wkend which will b submitted on monday. Think i contributed abt 60% whereas P only did 40%. I have tried to spread it over 2 days as i know she will nt b able to concentrate. No use as well. Hope the next project she can complete 60% on her own

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Cough cough

I have been down with bad cough, coughing like i have TB. Feels like i m coughing out my lungs soon...... I HATE COUGHING.... My ribs are sore so is my throat from all the coughing...... At least i m nt coughing in the middle of night le, meaning i m half way to recovery...... Cough cough go away..... my body are aching hope nt another round of flu........

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Are they having enough sleep?

The above table is taken from ST
 Overall children in Spore sleeps late compare to the children in western countries. For examples, my fren's kids, they slept at 730pm. Whereas for us, we reach home ard 730pm.....

What is the normal bedtime for your kids? P goes to bed ard 930pm and fall asleep at ard 10pm and wake up ard 745am. She will have a 2h nap in cc, in total she has at least 11.5 h of sleep a day during weekday. Whereas on wkend, her clock will go haywire, she will sleep ard 11pm and up ard 9-10am and totally miss her afternoon nap. Overall on wkend she will sleep lesser.

Research also shows that sleeping less will make a person stupid, and i think tt is happening to me.

Say no to Plastic

NTUC Fairprice is having a NO plastic bag campaign from 22 -28 April. Does it mean that we will bring our own bag during the campaign period? Look at our neighbour, every saturday is a no plastic day, they will nt issue any plastic, if so you will need to pay for it. Why cant we Spore be like that?

I have a recycle bag stuffed inside my bag, well my bag is huge, so most of the time, i just throw everything in it. Perhaps i m in the Green team, so be it at home or work, we trying to be green. Most importantly, trying to cultivate it in P. This Sunday, 22 April is Earth day, do our part and save the Earth.

Big, Medium and Small

P is 'reading' the book - Goldilock and the three bears. She is learning big, medium and small, medium will be a new words for her. But i think she fully understand the meaning of the word. She described mummy is big, papa is medium and P is small.... Though i m a bit hurt but tt was a perfect example. Haha... Told my colleagues abt it and they had a great laugh.

After the story, she gathered her teddy bears. Sit them in a row, Daddy bear, mummy bear and baby bear, they are a family.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Comfort food

A cuppa to warm me up and soothe my throat. How i wish i can rest at home.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


During bedtime,
P: Mommy i know how to spell my name.
Mommy: Wow, spell it to me
P: P-A-I-G-E
When she finished spelling her name, my reflex was to clap my hands and hug her.....
P, it is a job well done. I told ATM abt it on the way to work this morning, he asked P to spell her name. And she did it again.


Monday, April 16, 2012


P was the first to catch the flu bugs then me and ATM. Normally if there is no fever, we will self medicate P. But on fri after school, noticed that there is something not right abt the cough, i m worried it might be bronchitis but normally fever is present. So we sent her to our trusted GP near home. Dr T will listen to her breathing, lung and cough a few times to make sure he has cover all base since P has chronic lung disease, which means weak lungs. We have tried our very best to boost her immune and lungs, TCM and supplement but no doubt she will fall sick during bad weather. Thank god it wasnt bronchitis, else we have to sent her to KKH. We were given anti viral, flu and cough med and were told to go back if by sun if we see no improvement. Being KS, I brought her down to see Dr T. Initially P told me she dun wana see doctor cos she is nt in pain, so i told her i m in pain. And she quickly change her mind to ok i will bring you go see doctor.... haha so sweet.
Other than the cough, she is ok overall, can eat can sleep can jump.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


我选了内在美, 毕竟外在美只是一瞬间的。

Draw something

Everyone is into this, so is P. Guess what it is.

Humpty dumpty


Clay Craft

Looks too good to be eaten

New shoes

'Papa, nice?' P keeps asking ATM when she is wearing this pair of shoes. My fav too

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I m getting very tired just taking care of P, her horrible 3 stage is getting from bad to worst.... She is always so full of energy even without her afternoon nap....

Last sat, her art class has shifted its location from Safra Jurong to Jcube, so my plan to send her to swimming lesson has to be changed again. Jcube is slightly further from home but it is still easily assessble by public transport, no issue there. But temptation to shop is there, haha.....

After her class, we went to IMM for lunch and walk ard. I dropped by FOX to have a look so did P. She took the bracelet from the rack n did a stress test by streching the elastic band to its break point. Great, she broke it and i have to paid for it, $3.90..... and she had a sound scolding from ATM and everyone is looking (which i totally dont agree)

I told my cousin J abt the incident, and his first respond was 你女儿真是个赔钱货, which i totally agree with him. And this is nt the first time already, the first was $100 to replace the leather cover of the seat and now....... Sigh......

Stuffy Nose

Suddenly P seems to have this runny nose, was telling myself i will have to get all my work down by Mon, incase i need to be on leave..... During bedtime, P told me to dig her nose cause her nose is pain. So i just pinch the top of her nose like what the TCM doc told me to when she has runny nose. Then this blue color stuff drop out, and P said is not pain anymore.... Guess what, it is a ball of blue tack that she stuff it up her nostril.

I tot as she is getting older, i dun have to keep an eye on her so much but i am wrong.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


After 爷爷discharged from home, i have been taking over the duty on weekend to take care of him. P will tag along. She has been helpful, bring drinks and snack for her great grandpa. On a good day, it is just normal. But on a not so good day, accident happened, lotsa changing need to be done. Imagine i m just on wkend shift and i m feeling tired.  二姑will drop by after work at ard 2pm to take over her duty till after dinner whereas the rest of the time will be poor 小姑who is taking care of him.

I need to save up enough, in case i fall really sick, i can turn to hospice. It will be too much of a burden for P to have to take care of me and her own family next time.