Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Friday, September 28, 2012


I think the school has been doing the phonics on words recently.  During my time, dont think there us such thing. Will need to google for info at times. Last night, before bedtime she recited

A for ants, apples

B for baby, boy


Q for cucumber

Cant help but burst out laughing. It was a very good try indeed.

Anybody has a gd website recommendation for phonics? Thanks in advance.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gastro flu

Got a call from Teacher L ard 430pm, informing me that P is running a fever. I noticed that P always fall sick when i m at my busiest. Boss just asked me a last min assignment to write a report on Te n brief him the next day. I have no choice but to pack my bag n pick her up as she is still my priority. On d way home, she vomitted all d food in her stomach. Think i kinda get used to the smell of vomit as she is a vomit baby. Went home, clean up, ate her med but dun wana fall asleep. She didnt eat her dinner till later n had a slice of bread. Middle of night, she woke up n tell me she wana spit phelgm into the toilet bowl. At tt moment, it doesnt make sense to me, but i brought her to toilet n she vomitted her supper. At then i realised she is down with gastro flu since she vomit not induced by coughing. Her complains of tummy pain for the pass few days make sense. I feel rather bad as i tot it is an excuse for nt wanting to go to school.

It will be ATM's turn to take care of her. Poor P, she is going to miss her 1st ever speech n drama performance. We are so looking forward to it, anyway there will b next time.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

I can Sing a Rainbow

Been looking for this song for awhile as i wanted to share with P. There is a song abt rainbow, will be easy for her to remember to color of rainbow. This is still my all time favourite version.

Happy Birthday

Month of Sept, its how we hope P will celebrate her bday with ATM. As per usual she will blow the candle with ATM. She knows he loves transformers n rrquested we make a transformer cake for him. But i disappoint her for nt having the time to do so. So i let her chose a mini cake.

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3D雕花 处女作

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Nail art

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY Lantern

It is suppose to be a home project with the parents. I totally forgot abt it till i read another mommy's blog. To b honest, P didnt help or do any bit of the lantern except putting the stick into the holder. All items used were from our recycle bin. This round ATM.helped with the lantern as i was too overwhelmed with my work. He started it after P went to bed. I helped to stick some deco before going to bed. This is suppose to be a kid-parent project but due to my lack of organisation i totally forgot abt it and has to do it without her participation in last minute. I will try to be more organize, tt means you too ATM.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project Work

P's N2 classes had an exhibition on their project work on animals. P's class worked on the bird topic and giraffe..... All the kids were super proud of their works, so are the parents. Thank you to the teachers for their efforts and times, it aint easy to piece up all the kids' work for the exhibition.

This is drawn with the help of a projection tracing, it looks decent. Somehow this king fisher looks more like Barney than anything. The sun at the corner looks happy.

I super like this piece of work, how she drew the wings, it is like the bird is flapping its wing. And she has grasped the idea that birds lay egg nt baby... haha....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Family Potrait

It is a potrait drawn by P. I have no idea when she drew that n it is my favourite. It is hung on the fridge. Have you noticed, it is drawn according to ratio?

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Pasta is one of P's favourite dish. It is a bit difficult to cook as each of us has different preferences. ATM likes cream base whereas P and i hated it. P likes tomato base which i m ok but ATM hated it. I like aglio oglio which everyone is ok.


The theme of the class on Sat was 'Sky'. After a short chat with the teacher and her classmates, they proceed to their masterpiece.

P's masterpiece with cotton wool as cloud, sun rainbow and sky with different color, this time there werent any black in the sky (she hates dark sky). She sticked stars on it and the rocket was drawn with teacher G's help.

This is drawn on her own with no help. ~70% similarity. Her artwork has definately improved.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Family Day @ USS

Friday was ATM's family day@ USS. P tuang-ed school 2x in one week. First she had fever then USS. I wasnt feeling well so i wasted my tix.

This was the first time P n ATM venture into a theme park w/o me. They particularly P enjoyed herself. This was her 2nd time at USS n she knew what rides she wana take. They left ard 3+ n had lunch at HF. According to ATM she ate alot. When she reached home, she just talked non stop abt her adventure. Seems like she had a great time.

She told me she wana go again. She wana take rides wif me n her papa will take pic of us. Haha.....

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Too early too soon

Digged this out for my colleague, who is worried abt her unborn. Currently at 34wk, wish you will hold on till the right moment.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Drive Slowly

While getting into the car, ATM told P to buckle up properly else she will fall when he breaks. We tot she will just buckle up properly but instead she told ATM, then u should drive slowly. Ha ha ha..... we didnt expect tt from her.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nail Art

Sunday is a me day where i get to be alone without the family. I spend it in school, drawing on nails be it real or fake one. Not sure if it is mid life crisis but i m spending money soing something tt is totally out of my jobscope. I m nt upgrading myself n some would say i m downgrading, but who cares. I m enjoying myself, learning new skills n making new frens.

I have attended 4 lessons n my exam is in nov. I m not sure if i can make it but i will try my best. P will refer to my class as art class. I dun let her near my nail stuff, i will normally do my hw after she sleeps. The smell of the chemical is not really gd for her growing brain. She has her own set of kid's nail polish which is water base and is safe for her n nt to mention environmental frenly.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Whats your expectation on ur child?

Recently, our lunch kakis had a discussion on maid or childcare for their children. This is a no right or wrong answer, just personal opinion. At the end of the day, it is what you want for your kids.

My personal priority is team work and social skill. If you are armed with this skill, it will bring you far. This is the kinda of skill that I know I will nt be able to teach P at home. P being the only child, it is inevitably that she will be self centered, selfish and more. We chose CC over helper is that, at least we are exposing her to other children and adults, learning how to get along/play with them. Learning to play/interact with other ppl is a skill, I believe some adults didn’t even master it well. This skill will benefit her in work force…. If we were to have helper taking care of her, she will be dependent on her. Even simple task like pouring water will be done by the helper. I want P to be independent, knowing how to take care of herself and CC provide this kinda training, encouraging them to be independent.

Next is problem solving, it is a relatively important skill. Problem solving is a characteristic of adult humans, and this is developed in toddlerhood, it is the foundation of young children’s learning. By exploring, manipulating objects, and interacting with people, children are able to formulate ideas. Constructing knowledge by making mistakes is part of the natural process of problem solving. Through exploring, then experimenting, and finally, solving problems, children make learning personal and meaningful. Piaget states that children understand only what they discover or invent themselves (quote from Piaget, J. THE ORIGINS OF INTELLIGENCE IN CHILDREN. New York: W.W. Norton, 1963). It is this discovery within the problem solving process that is the vehicle for children's learning. Who says pretend play is waste of time? You are actually encouraging problem skills. CC provides the environments that encourage and enhance problem solving at a young age.

Decision making, it is another area which is equally important. The ability to make his own decisions has its foundation in the child being confident and able to act independently. From realising all that he can do by himself, the child feels empowered to take charge of his own learning which will lead to self directed learning.

Hope P will cooperate with us, and she will grow up being a useful person.