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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gastro flu

Got a call from Teacher L ard 430pm, informing me that P is running a fever. I noticed that P always fall sick when i m at my busiest. Boss just asked me a last min assignment to write a report on Te n brief him the next day. I have no choice but to pack my bag n pick her up as she is still my priority. On d way home, she vomitted all d food in her stomach. Think i kinda get used to the smell of vomit as she is a vomit baby. Went home, clean up, ate her med but dun wana fall asleep. She didnt eat her dinner till later n had a slice of bread. Middle of night, she woke up n tell me she wana spit phelgm into the toilet bowl. At tt moment, it doesnt make sense to me, but i brought her to toilet n she vomitted her supper. At then i realised she is down with gastro flu since she vomit not induced by coughing. Her complains of tummy pain for the pass few days make sense. I feel rather bad as i tot it is an excuse for nt wanting to go to school.

It will be ATM's turn to take care of her. Poor P, she is going to miss her 1st ever speech n drama performance. We are so looking forward to it, anyway there will b next time.

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