Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Had been feeling bloated and nauseated.... It is nt a good feeling, kinda remind me of being pregnant, which part of me hope that is real whereas the other part of me hope that is not. Yeah very confusing..... Mainly i m not sure how i m going to cope but on the other side, it will b good as P will b having a sibling....

Better stop daydreaming and get back to reality....

Friday, August 26, 2011


Having P at the front seat while i m driving is a big NO NO. She can be very distracting. She asked too much questions and i cant concentrate on the road, especially when the road is jam.

P: Mummy, y r u driving?
Me: Becos.....
P: Mummy, can i touch this?
Me: What do u want to touch?
P: Mommy, it is coming (pointing at the crane outside)
Me: What is coming?
P: Mummy, I swim this morning
Me: During water play? Did u jump into the pool?
P: Mummy, where is papa? He working? y he nt driving?

The questions keep repeating after awhile, like CD on repeat mode......  Lessson learnt, she cant sit in the front seat

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Rant

Recently we noticed that P is getting super out of hand. Cry or scream when she cant get what she want. Doesnt seeem to be interested in food at all not to mention sleeping habit. Sleeping way after 930pm, crying/shouting in the middle of the night and crawling over to our bed almost every early morning. Sometimes when she cried, vomit followed. After all the cleaning up and i cant fall back to sleep. My sleep are disturbed, when i dun get enuff sleep i get FAT... hahaha..... Whereas when ATM start losing weight when he dun get enuff sleep. We are liek the total opposite, i m FAT he is thin... Opposite attracts?

My dad is back in town, means more laundry n housework. But on the good side is, i can throw P to him if i need some ME time. P is like his shadow, i think is becos of his Iphone, dad lets her play with it. On the downside, P will b slightly out of control till my dad leave. As he think we are to strict/fierce to her. Grandparents.........

At work, noting seems to be goin on the right path. Instrument broke down for months now, and the work is piling up. Experiments are not going smoothly, basically nothing works. All the cover shoes that i wore to work all end up in the bin, 3 pairs this month. What is wrong? Is it because it is 7 month?

My craftroom aka guestroom was locked up as i dun allow P to enter, since dad is ard. The room is like a mess, i m packing my stuff in boxes as dad will b here till March then mom is coming. I m quite reluctant  to shift to the studies (my area is a bit small, P have full access to the studies). All the work is piling up, nothing get done/finish, I m still stuck with the crochet granny square blanket.

On the bright side, I will be away (unfortunately, P n ATM will be tagging along) where i will not need to dirty my hand. I m going to visit my grandma and celebrate her birthday with her. Bought a set of baju kebaya for P, so she can take some nice photo wif her chor chor. Hope she will learn some peranakan culture at the same time. I m still looking for my baju, most likely i will need to customise it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pain pain

Was backing up files from the dying desktop to my HDD. Wow i have so much rubbish in the PC. Found some clips and showed it to P. She just looked horrified and kept saying baby pain pain while holding my hand. Wonder if she knows tt little baby is her?
This was taken a few hours after P was out, the newborn diaper looked so huge on her... She was on the ventilator but requested to go on CPAP. I didnt get to see her till the next day as i m still recovering from the C-section

This was taken on the 2nd day, she was on CPAP (it looks so big on her nostril) and covered with tubes. She had jaundice and was under UV. She looked so tiny. This little box was her home for a good 32 days during her time in NICU, before transfering to SCN where she spend another 30 days there to put on weight and learnt to sync her breathing, sucking and swallowing without turning blue and a hernia surgery. Life in the box is like taking roller coaster ride, u will never know what the medical teams will tell u, it is so unpredictable.  


ATM needed a tie for some formal event on Thursday. All his ties were so old fashion that P told him is ugly. So off we go to shop. The sales lady started to show ATM tie to match his shirt. P told the lady, dont show (asking her to stop), ugly, my papa likes tis (pointing to a silver plain tie), nice.

We all stood there and have a good laugh. Last year this time, P wasnt toking much, we are worried that she had speech issue. Look at here, 1 year later, she is speaking like an adult with a mind of her own.


Time of the month, was lying on the bed, just wana be left alone. P jumped onto me, I actually shouted at her. Poor little gal was a bit shocked.

P: What happened, Mommy?
Me: Tummyache
P patting my back, looked at me and said: is ok, is ok, come i give u a hug
It was such a sweet gesture from her.... For awhile, period pain seems to have gone away.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Food from my Kitchen

I enjoyed cooking if there is some1 who is more than willing to clean up :) P is my little helper who helps with carrying the pots and pans and with getting the ingredients. She is nt allowed to use the knifes yet. I tried letting her with scissors but she end up cutting my 2 SGD50 notes into half. Currently she is ban from using the sharps.

 I wish i have a big kitchen with an island in the middle, it will be easier for P n me to bond in the kitchen. Last week was a western week.

Wholemeal pasta with seafood. My dad is around, so there is my 2000 Merlot, since ATM doesnt appreciate alcohol of all kinds. 

This is a very sad looking shepperd pie wanabe but is tasty. Using my chieken pie filling and topped it with mash. P had 2 serving of it during lunch.

Misulo 3rd class - Insects

This week, the theme of the class is insects. There is a very smart little girl in P's classmate, very lovely little gal. She seems to know a lot abt insect, she even knows the feeler on the butterfly is called antenna. For her age, it is amazing. P did some painting of butterflies and sing song abt butterflies. Class will stop for 2 weeks, due to the PE and they having some exhibition in suntec.

wearing the antenna that was made in the class. ATM said she looks like 孙悟空

Sunday, August 21, 2011


The little one has outgrown her blankie, tt is y she has been crawling over to our bed in the middle of night to share our blanket. At 3yo, she is just almost 11kg and 85cm.... 10x her birth weight and 2.5x her birth length. She is the smallest in her class, the infants are even catchin up with her in term of height. She is eating healthy and exercise alot, hope she dun get my FAT genes.

Over the weekend, i changed her baby blankie to adult single quilt. She slept like a baby thru'out without moving.

Sleeping beauty

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tech Savy

It is so funny that the younger generations are more tech savy than us. Take P for example, she knows how to operate and ipod, samsung tab, my old omnia (due to peer pressure, i might be upgrading as i cant whatsapp or facetime with my family members from overseas and update FB on the go), ATM HTC and our cameras. I wonder if there is anything that she is no interested? Yes, ATM's nokia phone (which is an antique, non touch screen), P refer to the phone as no battery, need to charge. She will refer to all non touch screen item as no battery and need to charge or sometimes spoilt.

She can even tell us that the Angry bird in Tab and ipod are different. We finally figure out y... haha, sometimes i feel like i m so out. When i bring her out to meet my frens, she prefers to sit with my frens, cos they let her touch their iphone.

While cleaning my house over the wkend, i found my Zoey (Zen Neeon, i name all my IT items). It was left in the corner, reason being after the PC with Wins XP moved on, i m not able to charge or transfer any songs to it. Still trying to look for the driver online and it will be good to use in lab as we are not allow to on the radio.
Zoey and Red angry bird wire winder

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bento 3

Recently, i found the wrapper for seaweed for onigiri (japanese rice ball). P loves to make onigiri. cos she can mix the rice with sesame seeed seasoning then transfer some of the rice into the triangle shaper then add in her fav ingredient, tuna in mayo/pork floss then cover with rice again n drop it on the plastic sheet. When she help with dinner preparation, she tend to eat more. Though a bit messy but we all enjoy the fun.

Lunch for me by P with fruits ( i cut myself, she is nt allowed to touch my knife)

Noodle, Noodle, Noodle

What do you want for dinner/lunch? P's answer is always noodle or 我要吃面, and nothing else. She just loves her noodle, you know why? Cos she can eat it with her chopsticks, she dun like her training chopsticks, she is using adult chopsticks. She can even pick up braised peanuts using chopsticks. OK i must say her chopstick skill is good. When i was her age, i dun even know how to use a chopsticks let alone eat with it.

Mummy take photo

See, i can eat with chopstick

2nd class

P attended her 2nd class in Misulo. The theme for that day is cotton wool, the kids seem to enjoy themselves in the class were taking turns to describe the cotton wool. The part i like most abt the class was, parents are asked to arrive 10 min before the class end. When the door open, u will see all the kids are so eagerly showing off their end product to their parents and the teachers will share with the parents what the kids had done.
P said it is a lion and it is wearing a green tutu, she is proud of her creation. She even brought it over and showed it to her grandpa.

I dun Like

I give P junk, cos i love junk food. My mentality is, if she is expose to junk, she will not wan them when given. Just last night, i gave her a sweet, she spit it out n tell me, she dun like (she prefers mint). Which kid doesnt like sweet? Mine, she prefer her mix nuts wif raisins n cranberries, she chose dark chocolate over milk chocolate, she prefer wholegrain bread over the white bread. She tolerate bitter stuff, green tea (basically tea of all kind), chinese medicine and bitter gourd. She sure lead a very healthy lifestyle, tt is why she is lean and i m not.....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mrs T

Got a call from KKH looking for Mrs T, my reply to the lady on the line was sorry wrong number, there is no Mrs T here. Then the lady said, i m looking for P's mother.... Argh..... At times, I forget tt i m Mrs T, Mr T's wife..... haha.... It is still nt set in my brain tt i m Mrs T...... I remembered when we got married, the lady at ROM asked if i wana change my last name, i told her no. Whatever accomplishment that i have will be in my name n family name, not his.... haha.. i m evil.....

What do call your spouse? For us, we refer to each other as eh and when P is not ard. When she is ard, we refer to each other as P's papa or mama (like in Korean drama). When we r in piss off mode, we will call each other in full name.... Are we normal?

What is the reason you get marry? Me being a practical person, got married because then i can get a hdb flat, nt becos i cant live w/o him or i love him so much, blah blah..... At that time, getting a private property is out of the question, it is so ex, hdb, i have to wait till i m 35. I m sick of renting room, as there is a lot of restrictions..... Restrictions kill my creativity... haha..... Well at least recently, i found that i m nt the only person who got married because of hdb....

Monday, August 8, 2011

What will u change?

What will u change, if u can change back time?
Study hard for 'O' level
Spend more time with my 奶奶.
Took up Nursing degree rather than Petroleum geochemistry
Stay in Oz
Not giving up my OZ PR, and took up the assistant manager post in the pharmaceutical company
Have baby at 25 instead of 30

But i m happy with my life now, eventhough i dun have the perfect job and family. I m happy to be with ppl i love and care, be it at work or at home. Most importantly, P has make life more interesting and challenging for me. She is not perfect but she is independent (just like me, haha).....

Told ATM that, i might be taking up part time studies. I need a career change, I dun wana be in R&D field, I might be out le as more scholar are making their way back. I wana be doing something different, i m too old to go for nursing course, but i think it will be perfect for me to take up early childhood education. I m in my quarter, mid life crisis, standing at the cross road looking for direction, just like a lost sheep :) Just be patience with me, push me when u have to and a pat on back for job well done.  


Recently, i bought a few letterland books for P to flip. Yeah to flip, she enjoy flipping books. When i showed her the ABC book, she insisted that i took Teacher S's book, n even pretend to call her and said her mommy took her book home. Argh, sometimes she really get on my nerve. Told her i borrowed from Teacher S, so we can continue. To my surprise, she is able to recognise the alphabets up to G (golden girl), and she is singing the letterland songs. Paiseh, this mommy over here have no idea how to sing (time to google le).

Sorry Mommy

P mumbled sorry mommy when she spilled soup on her ikea high chair. Since she said sorry, how can i scold her right? I m not going to say is ok to her, cos it is nt OK as i have to clean up the mess. But on the bright side, she apologized.

She is saying thank you, you r welcome and even excuse me when she burp or farted. She covered her mouth when she cough, once done, she said excuse me. YES, I m proud. Hope she will grow up with good manner.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meeting the management

Before meeting the CC management, we are kinda make up our mind where we are going to transfer P to. My colleagues told me the teachers there are good as their kids were taught by them. During the meeting, there were few parents who are nt happy with the relocation.

To us, there is nt many changes as P will be transfering over after N1. During that time, she will go there with or without her classmates, and nt to mention the teachers. Whereas with the relocation, the teachers will be going over as well, so the transition will be smooth. Not to mention, the fees, still paying the same fee as now till year end, but for next yr, fee might increase but minimal, tt is according to the managment. So is a win win situation.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


After spending 10k and going thru all kinda stress, the feotus @10 wk old has no heartbeat anymore. OMG was my immediate respond. M n spouse have been looking forward to this bb for a long while, we all were so very happy when they told us that implantation has been successful. She will have to go thru an abortion later in the morning, hope that she will be lucky next time round. So who say getting pregnant is easy......

Yesterday, the doctor comfirmed that FIL has prostate cancer. He will need to go for a CT scan to see how far the cancer cells have spread. The doctor suggested surgery rather than radiotherapy as he is still young and active. The sons are discussing abt it, saving leaves to accompany the old man for check up, surgery and during recovery. Whereas for me, i will be making soup n cooking for him. That is something that i can help, as i told ATM that it will be awkward for me to bring his dad to toilet.

1st Enrichment Class

Normally, both P and I will sleep till 9-10am on wkend morning. But on saturday, both of us have to wake up early for the Misulo art class. She is damn excited abt it, lying next to her asking who wana go for art class. She quickly jumped up and shouted me. For P, it means she is super excited. After breakfast, she changed to her Misulo's top n both of us waddled to the bus stop. P asked me, can we take taxi. Haha, recently she has been very into taxi and buses on the road. Being the cheapskate, i told her, nt today, how abt bus. We alighted at Boon Lay interchange, and walked over to Safra. We were early, so we went into the room to warm her up, the teachers are very friendly. I noticed all the kids who went to the class are all very happy, excited and hyper. This shows that they really enjoys the class. Before the class started, i left the room, P didnt cry but waived good bye to me :)

The moment i step outside the room, i felt like a super KS mother who sent her kid to enrichment classes. I waited outside the school for 50 min. Lucky i have downloaded some tvb drama into the ipod to keep me company while i waited. We have to wait outside the room 10 min before class end. When the door swing opened, u can see all the highly energetic kids rushed out to look for their parents and showed them what they have done in class. The teacher at the same time will brief the parents, what they are doing and how the kids perform in class.

While at home, P told me what she did and from there i can see that she has learned a few new vocab. Most importantly she seems to enjoy the class and told me she wana go again.

All ready for her class, she is crossing her finger (hoping for FUN)
Her sweet potato cake.....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CC ceasing operation

Got an email from LV, they will be ceasing operation by end of September. After the meeting on Friday, we will then decide what to do. Hmmmm......