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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Thursday, July 28, 2011



































If only i can do as what the lyric say. No wonder it is the all time favourite in my list after Life in Mono.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Misulo Children Arts Adventure

Finally, after so long, we signed P up at Misulo for 1 term. She had been to the trial class when she is ard 2yo. At that time, the teacher suggested for her to join at an older age, as she is still young and cant really follow long insturction. At 3yo, she can follow instruction well, so we tot it is the right time. Asked her a few times if she is interested in joining the art class, she said yes. Last night we went down to Safra, so happen there was a class, we stood outside to look, P ran inside and wanted to join in. At that moment, we feel that she is ready and ATM signed up for 1 term, and class will start tis saturday at 1030am. The class will have 6 students (max) and since there are 2 boys in the class, the school arranged for 2 teachers to take care of the class (reason being, boys are more distracting so extra teacher will be there to help out). I m not complaining. hehe....

P is having too much free time at home especially on weekend. She can tear the whole house down on her own. The fishes at home almost die due to overfeeding (she feed them every 5 min). Stacking all my containers on the floor n bowl (strike all the time). Talking my color pasta n making design on the floor. feeding her pet doggy (nt real) with her milk. She ransack my handbag and took the keys to open the door and gate (with the help of stool). Being tv generation, she can sing jingle of ad and she can tell u the name of characters on tv (eg, 阿娣妈妈 is 汕汕's mother) and singing 我问天 in hokkien. Choosing 爱 over OKTO channel. Recently she was given a baby doll that can cry and laugh for her birthday, and she has been bugging me have a baby mei mei (i wonder will she treat the real baby the way she treat her baby doll?)

She is full of energy, so instead of wasting her brain cells, we decided to sign her up for some creativity classes like Misulo to nurture her creativity, imagination and expression. Hope she will enjoy it.


I've lost count of how many pairs of platforms i owned, most of them are short lived. Perhaps is the quality of these platform rather than my 'cholor-ness' that causes their short lived. Me being short, platforms added height to me. Compare to heels, platforms are super comfy. I just love platforms, who doesnt?

Just a few weeks ago, my platforms die on me at work, so i m on my flats. The moment i get into the car, i feel so uneasy, something is not right... Guess what, it is because, when i m on flats, i cant feel the pedals without adjusting the chair..... haha..... From that moment on, i know i cant live without platforms, ATM thinks that platforms is a very ah lian thing. Well i speak like an ah lian when i have to, some frens called me 'lao lian'... hahaha.....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Coping with Changes

Life has finally goes back to normal. P no longer showing sign of sepatation anxiety when i dropped her off at CC. The separating anxiety started when Teacher W joined the class, being new teacher with a different approach means there is changes. Different teacher has different ways of dealing with children, being new, the kids will need time to adjust to her. Learning to cope with changes is an important developmental task, even for adult like me. P has adjust to changes after a few week, she has learnt to cope and communicate with Teacher W. P learnt to communicate by singing. Instead of greeting good morning, she will sing 'Good morning, good morning, good morning to u n me, good morning good morning to you, Hello XX, hello YY..... (the list goes on). Before getting off from the car, she will say 'Mommy, cannot cry, i big girl already, later u come pick me up after work right'. This is comforting, she knows that i will be there after work, and the teachers in CC reassure that to her. And she too, will comfort her frens, when they are crying. It is good to see that she is able to sense her frens' emotions.

P is slowly learning to cope with change of environment, we've leave her at family lounge alone in PS without me. She didnt cry, she followed the 大姐姐 and proceed to doing her craftwork and  lego. She spend a good 1h in there alone without us. We have bring her out to play with new friends and cousins (whom she has never meet before), to socialise. We have make changes at home, misplacing some of her stuffs on purpose to see her reaction. So far, there is not much of misbehaving behaviour.

In life, we dun often get what we want, we have to make do with what we get. Like Darwin's rule of evolution, survival of the fittest. Only the fittest will survive, those who can cope will win the rat race. Soon she will be changing to a new CC, another new environment, perhaps with no one familiar around and she will need to cope with changes. It will be tough in the beginning but i m sure that she will enjoy in the new CC. To me, having good EQ counts, if u have good EQ you have win half the race.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

First NDP

Been in Spore for 10 years now and this is home. This is my 1st time going to NDP preview (since ATM is in the NDP committee, therefore we have the luxury of attending the preview). I went to the NDP with P, she seems to enjoy herself, dancing to the music. Oh, we had a very good seat, directly opposite the stage. P get to see the planes, helicopter, chinook and red lions up close, shouting at them. The highlight of NDP preview for me is nt the firework but me singing 'Majulah Singapore' (I can sing the whole anthem) and saying the Pledge. I m proud being a Singaporean.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Just this morning, when we reached CC, she looked at me and said, '不要哭,不可以哭'. When at CC, she will give me a hug n run to her class to join her frens, she just love sitting on her teacher's lap. This week has been fuss free and cry free when dropping her off at CC.