Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Monday, February 18, 2013

Heart shape day

We went to BBQ chicken in WC for dinner on V day.
P looked ard and no sight of children and asked: why there is no children today?
ATM: Today is V day, choldren will stay home, so their daddy n mommy can celebrate together....... blah blah....
P: hmmmm.... is it heart shape day?

Its ok to be different

I gave P a Hello kitty cut out from her Hello Kitty snack. She happily took it over and told me that 'mommy, you know boys can play with Hello Kitty toys like the gals.' I cant help it but laughed and when i was abt to say the G word, P shouted and said 'it is not funny, it is ok to be different, boys can play with gals toy, and gals can play with boys toy.'

At that moment, i felt like my little gal is no longer little, she is so sensible. Thanks to the teachers in school, you guys had did a great job. Recently her class is reading 'its ok to be different'.

i admit mean things do came out from my mouth but i m glad, my gal is there to stop me.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bye Shyong

Today is the 6th day of CNY, everybody is still in CNY mood but we received a bad news. Our classmate, Shyong has left us.... It was a very very sad news..... We are at this age where most of us just started our family, at the peak of career and there is so much to look forward too. But Shyong left us...... We were still joking in whatapps when TLB told us that he called Shyong n he didnt seem to wana tok to him. And that was the last time the F5Sc heard of him...

May you rest in peace...

Life is short, treasure everyone ard us.....

Monday, February 4, 2013


It was an honoured, when XJ asked me to join his grp for PhD. XJ is an upcoming star in his field, hydrogel. He got his PhD in 2.5y, i called him the legend. He told me if i join his group, i will get mine in 3y. I feel honoured that he sees potential in me and he added that i m not as aggressive as i was when i was in my 20s. Yup, i know. It was a good offer by him, but i think i will have to pass. It is not because i will be the oldest graduate or i will be under someone younger than me. But i think i will spending less time with P. Modules, exam, experiments, writing papers and thesis, all these dun go well with P. Eventhough i m very tempted, working in the field that i m interested in but it is nt the right time.

Mayb in a few years time?