Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bed hog

P is sleeping on her bed now which is next to ours. Somehow in the middle of night she will crawl up to our bed to sleep in between us or on our pillows. Recently she has been very rough in her sleep, kicking n pushing us away so she can sleep on the spot tt she likes. Recently she also developed a rountine before her sleep, tt is she must touch the corner of my pillowcase or hold on to my PJ then smell it before she sleeps. I tried giving her her soft toy to hold on to before she sleeps but she is just not into it. Maybe she just miss me...

Role Play

Finally, we are letting P plays with soft toys. Recently, we introduced Barry the Bear (thanks Auntie A) and Gigi the giraffe (thanks ATM). She seems to enjoy their presence, everynight she will kiss Barry n Gigi and play masak-masak with them. I m proud tt she is role playing, feeding her Barry n Gigi water using a cup n me too, then she will make the hmmm sound as if they enjoyed the drinks. I just enjoy seeing her play, sometimes just cant believe how much she has grow.

Pissssssssssss = Please

Pisssss, Pisssss is the sound P make when she wana be carried. Pissss actually means Please in her own language. P is making a lot of noise, very talkative indeed, even nanny said tt too. We have yet to learn her language, but we are glad tt she is making noises, without her noise, our home will be very boring. She brings Joy to our home. Thank you P.