Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Monday, February 27, 2012

Can we make a cake

Can we make a cake, tt was the last thing she said before she fell asleep. Perhaps she is in a mood for chocolate cake. We bake at home, cookies, cupcakes and cakes, using low fat butter or vegetarian butter and i will normally cut down the sugar to half. Even with jelly made at home, i will reduce the sugar. Thats is the way how P likes it but not ATM who prefers his desserts to be sweet.

P loves her spot in the kitchen. She will help crack and mix  the eggs, help with scooping out the flour. She enjoys getting messy in the kitchen which ATM totally disagree with. Perhaps she is a budding pastry chef....

This coming saturday i will be going to Udders for ice cream workshop, yeah..... Maybe in the afternoon we can bake a chocolate cakes which will go down very well with vanilla icecream... I m drooling......

Hello Elly

It was P's 1st time to attend a 'play' in Esplanade Recital Hall. It is floor seating and you get to be up close and personal with the character. Hello Elly is actually adapted from the book, 'The elephant and the Tree' by Jin Pye Lee. In this 'play', Elly introduces the Alphabets. Thought P didnt open her mouth to sing any of the songs nor she 'action' but i think she enjoyed it. On the way home, she was actually using her hand to swing her elephant trunk.....

The production will also be having another play, 'The magic seashore' but this time we are going with her. She will going with the school.

High Speed Fibre

The Singtel ppl came to activate our fibre broadband... cool we dun have to fight anymore, we all can watch watever online now and without having to compromise... since ATM always complain that we took up too much bandwith.

Yeah, i can play maplestory now.....


My energy had been drained both mentally and physically.... Work had been super busy, i smell like cinnamon soaked in toluene. The smell is horrible.

All i wana do is sleep......

Breakfast buddy

P poured her cereal into a small container when we abt to leave home. I tot she will be eating it in the car but she was holding on to it instead of eating it. When we reached CC, she was looking ard and told me A is nt ard. At that moment, i realised that she wanted to eat her cereal with A, eventhough she has already eaten at home. After washed up, i asked since A nt ard and will she still wana eat her cereal. She said yes and sat down n ate but her eyes are at the entrance awaiting for A. Isnt it sweet?

P didnt throw a fuss, she waived bye bye to me when i left. Does this mark the beginning of post toddler and the end of toddlerhood? Last night was the first time, i had heard so many sentences of mandarin spoken by P, she even sing in mandarin. I had been trying very hard to make her speak mandarin to us, but she refused. As a reward, I gave a Kinder surprise.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I havent been sending P for her wkend art class for a super long time. Last sat, i was free so i sent her to art class. She no longer clingy to me when i put on her apron. She walked to her seat and sat down, and i left. At that moment, i felt like she has grown up. I told ATM abt it, he said she has been like tt for the past 2 wk. I picked her up after class, and the teacher as usual will explain to the parents what they did and how they do in class. Teacher G hasnt seen me for awhile, so we had a chat. Finally she use the S word. P is stuborn, cos normally she will tell ATM that she has a mind of her own. P will hold on to the brush n refuse to let Teacher G guide her, and slowly she is opening up as she will called Teacher G and asked her to check out her work. Teacher G said that she is youngest in class but she knows wat she wan and refuse to let others to help her.... Stuborn.....


Sometimes i wish i can invisible, so i can spend a day or two with P in the cc. Why do i have to be invisible? Reason being when P sees me or sometimes her dad, she will get clingy and will act withdrawn and not do anything. So i will never get to see how she behave in class, even i hide in the corner, her eyes will just find me (comfirm she has no eyesight issue).

This morning, i drove her to school, she is sitting at the backseat. Normally when i m driving she will sit next to me. After showing her some photos of how kids got hurt when they are properly seated got her scared. Plus recently we are watching Channel 8 Rescue 995, ppl getting hurt and so on, whenever she sees an ambulance on the road, she will say ambulance sending ppl to hospital, let the ambulance go first.

After we reached school, the usual she will wash her hand and this morning she joined A at the dining area and had her breakfast. She sat down n smiled to A, A did the same. They werent toking, but can tell that they enjoyed each other company. P was eating her cocoa crunch and A eating honey star (provided by cc) and P pour some cocoa crunch in A's bowl and both gals smiled and ate their breakfast. P will tell me that A is her bubby and A will let her tie her hair. If only i m invisible, maybe i can see how she interact with other kids and her teachers. Also i wana see how she behave in class and her learning attitude. Being the only child at home, she is always testing our limit at home. Whereas in school, they are so many kids and she behave totally different, sometimes i cant help but think that she has split personality.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Moth

We chinese believe that if you see a moth in a funeral, it meant that the deceased has come back in the form of moth to see his family. Normally moth is related to death. On our way to lunch, we saw a big moth. It is the biggest moth that i have seen, it is so beautiful.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mommy never teach me

Before bedtime, we always chat.
Me: What did you do in school today?
P: I played with A
Me: Oh, what did you guys played?
P: wrote ABC
Me: Ic
P: A can write ABC
Me: How abt you?
P: I dunno
Me: you dunno?
P: Mommy never teach me
Me: ...........


P will have her first DnD in CC this wed, instead of dinner it will be lunch. The dress code for the even is either yellow, white or brown the colour will represent duck, dove or dog/donkey. And they all start will the letter D. Learning alphabets can be so fun... When she was learning the letter C, they make cookies. If only teachers were this creative, i m sure i will not cry my way out of school.

During my time, i cried for 2 days in kindy and the teacher told my mom to bring me home. At that time i was only 5 yo. That means i never attended any class prior to Primary one. I learnt my alphabets 2 weeks before i started P1, I still remembered my dad with the cane forcing me to write my name.

Kids today are lucky, teachers are getting very creative and not to mention patience. From my personal observation, i think P is a mixture kinesthetic and visual learner. I think it is time to dig out my notes on theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner, to read again but this time it is nt for exam purposes. I used to have a set of alphabet cut out from sandpaper for sensory stimulation, but sad to say i think i lost it when moving house. So instead, i got the letterland frieze and stick it on the wall, to encourage P to use her finger to draw on the alphabet. I think tt is why she always like to say, i can draw your name instead of write. P is ok with her uppercase but when it comes to lower case, b, d, p, q, m, n, u and w are difficult for her. I hope this is a common problem in children at this age. I hope it is not dyslexia which ATM thinks i m just being paranoid.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

One by one, we fall sick

We are taking turn to fall sick one after the other.... First it was P, then ATM and me.... The last one to get is always got very sick. Woke up in the middle of night feeling very sick, purging from both ends then fever at 39 degree. Spend the whole sat hibernating. The day before, ATM just feel abit feverish and bloated, thats all and vomit once and he is back to normal. Whereas for me, i lost count of how many times i purged. Just laid on bed feeling so lifeless.

P came in once awhile to offer me a drink and asked if i feeling ok. She is an angel when i fall sick. She will try to take care of me by offering hugs, water and fever patch.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


P has been merlion-ing the whole night till 9 in the morning. We have been waking up to change the bedsheet and clean her up. After all her dinner came out, she basically vomit water. Before visiting the GP, i asked if she wan rebina, she never say no to rebina. Though she is nt well but still as active as ever. At the GP, doc gave her a suppository to stop the vomitting. Well at least it worked and i m able to feed her 2 teaspoons of porridge then take her nap. Dinner time, she took abt 5 teaspoons of porridge and drank abt 2 glasses of rebina. Though she is better, but occassionally complains abt pain in tummy.

This morning she had half and egg and i sent her to cc.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


P is taking up MIM enrichment class in CC. She seems to be enjoying the class, on every tuesday she will come home to show us what she learnt. Being someone who have no musical background, i basically need to google and learn from scratch, memorising periodic table is so much easier than reading the notes.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Waking up early

ATM is going for his reservist for 2 weeks. Poor P has to wake up early as we are taking the public transport. From home to mrt station takes abt 10-15min, P's pace. I make her walk there with me to mrt station then squeeze our way to the bus. We take public transport to cc when ATM on reservist, most of the time when P take public transport, either she sit in her stroller or i will carry her. I think the walking to mrt really tired her out. Poor P, she was grumpy in class today and cry, after asking her a few times she told teacher L tt she is sleepy so teacher L kindly lay out her mattress and let her sleep.

After waking up early this few days, it really wears her out, since P is still going home around the same time as normal since i cant leave work on time. Sometimes i really feel bad that i need to drag her out so early.

Perhaps i really need to leave work early, so that she can go home early to rest.

Lego Friends

Not sure abt you guys but i was surprise when i saw female lego character, cant help buy bought a box of it. It is not as nice as the traditional lego, but i suppose the girls will like it.

It doesnt come with the base board

Sunday, February 12, 2012


RIP Whitney. My all time fav, the greatest love of all

Going Green

One of our new year resolution for our home is to be Green. We recycle, we have a paper, plastic and aluminium recycling box at home, and every fortnight we will bring it down to recycle. Apart from recycling, we are also trying to cut down on animal product on our dining table. P still needs animal protein for growth, her fav is still seafood and chicken. Beef is a good source of iron but P is just like me, we can take beef as our stomach dont agree with beef. After in take of beef, we will feel sick and vomit (perhaps in our last life we are cow). No issue with feeding P greens and fruits, she loves them.

P is also taking part in our being green new year resolution. We have been swaping her toys with others for things that P wants or needs. Just yesterday, we swapped her wagon (birthday pressy from her godma) for 3 tickets to Hello Elly. Since P is not playing with it anymore and is taking up space.

Having her last ride on the wagon.

We swapped the wagon for this.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Playground is fun, you get to make new friends and have loads of fun and giggles. For us, we normally goes to playground ard 830 after dinner. By then most of the kids will be home and we get to have the playground all by ourselves. P can play on her own except when it come to seesaw. You will need at least 2 persons to play. It will be real good if P has a sibling (I i have 4 siblings), at least when we are old and she has a sibling to lean on to.... They can share the burden of taking care of the old farts like us. Will this be a good reason to justify for having another kid? From the engineer's point of view is that logistically is not possible.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Parents volunteer

ATM told me that his colleague X and wife has been doing volunteering at Y school. My respond was so....... as we have previously came to agreement that we will just send P to neighbourhood school since there are quite a few around our area. Of cos i would want P to go to Frontier Primary as it is new, single session as well as there is a after school care right in the school.

Asked ATM what his colleague did, he answered teaching photographing as well as website design. So i asked ATM, u know how to design website? He said no then i asked again what he is good at that he can volunteer.... The heartless man told me, nothing but since i m good with my craft work and he suggested that i go and volunteer.... I was pissed and told him to join RC, which will be more useful. OK i must admit we are lazy parents.....


On the way to work, SGH called and looked for FIL. ATM told me that must be my FIL missed his PT the day before since he has been feeling out of breath lately. We suspect might be his heart, since previously it happened before and make appointment with his heart doc on fri morning.

In the afternoon i got a msg from ATM, saying FIL is in a&e having breathing difficulty. He was warded for observation. ECG and blood count are all normal, they suspect is the lungs.... Hmmm... hopes everything is OK.

On the other hand, ATM has been diagnosed with heart murmur, awaiting for appointment with the specialist. It might nt  be serious case but told him to inform his MO abt it so hopefully he will not have to do IPPT and can be downgraded. Especially there is so many cases of death while doing their IPPT. Most of the case, heart murmur is genetic, at times i cant help but worry for P. Though the holes has closed up, but recently my colleague told me that his fren also a premmie was diagnose with hole in heart in her 20s.

Just hope everyone will be in pink of health.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


At the dining table, P is enjoying her tangerines. The tangerines i bought this round is sooooo damn sweet. The tangerines are small with different sizest, just nice to tok to P abt the smaller, smaller, smallest, big, bigger and biggest.....
P: (munching her tangerines) Papa u want some?
P: It is very sweet, you know. Sure you dont want? (i m happy to see that she is using the word very in the sentence)
ATM: No, i dont like tangerines.
P: I like tangerines, it is sweet.
We are able to have a decent conversation during dinner time now. P's conversation skill has improved quite a bit.


We were playing a simple game slightly before bedtime.
Me: What sound does a horse make?
P: hmrrppppp (sounds like clearing her throat)
Me: sheep?
P: Mehmehmehhhh
Me: dog?
P: whoawhoa
Me: cat?
P: meowmeow
Me: bird?
P: birdbird
Me: Hahahahahaha

Clay craft: Golden oreo

I love miniature, after piecing up P's doll house, P suggested we make furniture  for the house. But my tots were to use the clay n mold that i have to make some miniature stuff.

Tadaaaaa.... mini golden oreo. P asked where is the plate for the biscuit....
if i m not wrong the ratio is almost 1:1 compare to the real minis. The puffy clay is bought from Sophie and Toffee. It is really light and easy to handle, compare to the one that i been using previously this doesnt crack or break after drying and it has this biscuit cookie looking texture. The mold was from MiniatureSweet from esty. You can really see the details imprinted on the clay, so far their mold are the best compared to my other purchase as the detail are always blur.....

All theese crafts are really taxing for my eyes..... Waiting to have my Lasik done in 2 months time then i be glasses free.... my eyes will be goin on a break for awhile before starting new projects..... hahha

Monday, February 6, 2012


P has CNY celebration on the last day of CNY and the best part is the kids are performing. I was looking forward to her performance but was caught up at work. When i picked her up from cc, 陈老师 told me that i missed P's performance. P was wearing her pink cheongsam from HK last year, personally i think P looks good in that, and 陈老师 seconded it.

Perhaps cc should recorded the performance and shared it with parents who have missed it.

元宵, normally we will have tang yuan so the whole family will be 团团圆圆, but this year we didnt have it as i finished work quite late.