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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Monday, February 27, 2012

Breakfast buddy

P poured her cereal into a small container when we abt to leave home. I tot she will be eating it in the car but she was holding on to it instead of eating it. When we reached CC, she was looking ard and told me A is nt ard. At that moment, i realised that she wanted to eat her cereal with A, eventhough she has already eaten at home. After washed up, i asked since A nt ard and will she still wana eat her cereal. She said yes and sat down n ate but her eyes are at the entrance awaiting for A. Isnt it sweet?

P didnt throw a fuss, she waived bye bye to me when i left. Does this mark the beginning of post toddler and the end of toddlerhood? Last night was the first time, i had heard so many sentences of mandarin spoken by P, she even sing in mandarin. I had been trying very hard to make her speak mandarin to us, but she refused. As a reward, I gave a Kinder surprise.

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