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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

P's New Toys

Both me and ATM took leave today to bring P for her 4 monthly eye checkup. Doc told us that her vision is perfect and will see her in 6 month times. Hope her eye checkup will come to an end soon. With both of us wearing glasses, doubt that she will have prefect eyesight (of cos we hope that she will nt need to wear glasses). After her apppointmet, we went to JP for lunch then to toy warehouse sales which is near our place. I bought 2 FP little people toys for her, seems like i m more excited abt the toys than her, cos i bought it at a bargain price. I paid $90 for the 2 sets, isnt it a bargain?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Too young for Pet?

Someone got P a FP doggie for xmas last year, and we have seen her walking the dog (other than our mouse) for quite a few times. For the pass 2 days, i have seen P squating in front of her doggie, nt sure wat she is up to (been too busy doing her laundry). Till yesterday, i noticed that in front of the doggie and the tortoise there is a small plastic container that had been filled up with water. The tot of getting P a pet came up, but is she too young for a pet or what pet is suitable for her age? 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Addition to my Bookself

It has been awhile since i last walked into a bookshop. Still remember those time thati spend in Times bookshop, sitting on the floor and read :)

New addition to my bookself

Weekend Cooking #1

I dont really took picture of my cooking or bento that i have prepared. Maybe i should make it a habit, so i can admire the end product later.
This weekend, i cooked Laksa (i cheated, it is from the paste) with lotsa tau pok, some shredded chicken and prawn. I replaced coconut milk with evaporated milk.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

P's Craftwork

For the pass few days, i been spending abt 30 min in P's cc. She enjoyed herself so much there tt she dont wana go home. While waiting for her to get ready for home, i will browse at the craftworks tt were displayed in her classroom. From her pieces of works and photos tt were sent to me by teacher, I must say tt she is enjoying herself in cc. Took a few photos of her bring home craftworks for memory b4 there were destroyed by her ownself.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Havent been sleeping well for the past few nights, so wondered into my own corner and digged out my craft box which was covered with dust. After 1 hour in the studies, this is what i made.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Premmies Gathering @ Buangkok

Thank you Xbliss for organising the gathering. Finally i get to meet Yan (Yilin's mommy) whom i chat everyday on msn, Bloom (Kat's mommy) and Hwee Lin (Jolie's mommy) whom i chat with occassionaly. Gingal (Jerelynn's mommy) cant make it to the gathering, I was actually looking forward to meet them, afterall J was known to be P's twin :)Glad to see all the warriors are doing well. 加油

Monday, March 1, 2010

Uniform Day

After 1 mth in cc, and no crying on Friday when i dropped her off, we decided to dress her up in her brand new uniform. Her brand new beginning to toddler world. This morning ATM sent her to cc, and guess what, the rascal didnt cry at all. Hope tomorrow when i drop her off at cc, she will behave the same as well.

Personally i m very happy with her progress. just last night when i asked her, 'what is your name?' and she replied, 'Paieeee'. Isnt she cute? Then i asked her again 'what is your name?' just to comfirm that she understand my question. This time she replied 'Paieeee Teh'. We even tried asking her, 'Who is 瑄瑄?' and she will pat her chest tellin you that she is 瑄瑄. She enjoys singing nursery too, everyday we will sing 'twinkle twinkle little stars' and '母鸭带小鸭', the moment when she hears the song, she will do the hand actions for the songs, so damn cute :)

On friday, when i was at the entrance of cc, saw P's buddy, WN. As usual, i will say bye bye to her and this time, this cute little girl pointed to the door and told me 'Paieee'. She is trying to tell me that P is inside, i feel like hugging her at that moment. All the kids in the cc are so cute, in the morning, Jude from N1 will always shouts, 'Morning Paige' when he sees me and that always make my day. Thanks Jude and i like tt name too.