Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Our 28wker has grown taller and her face is rounder. Teacher L said that she ate alot. Though she still looks smaller among her peers, as long as she is healthy we are happy.

Due to her premature birth, we had rejected time and time again by insurance company. They are harping on the fact that she was born with holes in the heart but those holes had closed up nicely without any surgery. She is turning 4 this july and had not been admitted even once after her discharge, personally i think she is great fighter.

Currently i m trying again to get insurance to cover her for critical illnesses rather than terminal illnesses as well as hospitalization plan. Once i m out of my current company, she will not have any hospitalization coverage. Why is it so hard to get her covered? I know of a few premmies dont even have medishield as they were rejected. Little fighters, continue on your battle, future will be bright for you guys.


Children are like a piece of white paper and we adults are the one to poison them....

P is happy to be in school, my aunt told me that the only child loves to go to school. There the child will have frens to play with. True enough, P loves to go to school, she enjoys playing, doing activities and learning with her classmates. Sending her to school is like a breeze now, after parting good bye and ended with i love you, she will run her frens, some will hug her, and the smiles on their face. C is P's partner, same size as P, tt is why teacher L partner her with P will come and hold her hands. This sweet little gestures will just lighten up everyone's day. Hope everyday will be interesting and fun for them, as i love it when P shares with me what happened, what she did during her time in school.

Children are so innocent, i would love to be a kid once more. But why when we grow up, everything seems so different.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Peer Pressure?

P told me during bedtime that she wants her papa to sent her to school. I was curious abt her request, so i asked her why. Her reason is that A, SY and JY's papa sent them to school. Is it becos her papa is not spending enough time with her? At times, she just wan her papa to pat her to sleep or shower for her.... I would love to see more of that, papa spending more time with P than in front of the laptop.

All is well

Finally, 爷爷has been this charge this morning after he had his bowel movement. As of yesterday, he was given 2 dosages of laxative to help with the output. All is well and everyone is relief...... We have more reasons to smile. For the past weeks, everyone is taking turn to be at 爷爷's side. Seems like all of us had grown up, after work all the grandkids will take their shift to be ard till 爷爷sleep. I told the younger one that once everything settled, we will go for a bbq since all of us have nt had one for a long long time. The last time was like 5-6y ago during J's wedding.

Note to self: We really need to watch our diet, more greens and less animal products and not to mention, exercise. Spending more quality time with the extended families.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good or Bad?

My right upper eyelid had been twitching the whole night even when i m sleeping... Wonder is it good or bad things will happen. 爷爷going for surgery later in the afternoon, his cancer relapse again after 3y. He sound worried when i talk to him. He doesnt wana go thru the surgery again, the last time the doc removed the stage 3 cancer lump n cut off 1m off his large intestine. The surgery took like ages and the whole kampung was so quiet (never hear them so quiet before).

This time i will be going down after work as i need to sent P home first. I promise i will spent more time with you nor matter how busy I m, I promise i will buy supplements for you overall well being and i promise we will go holiday again and we will take our family potrait again.

My eyelid is still twitching, but i m praying for the best.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Transformers at Cybertron Con 2012

ATM is a big or shall i say huge fan of transformer. This year, RWS plays host to Transformers at Cybertron Con 2012, ATM bought 3D admission tix to the events. He even took mon and tues off to go for the event. Just Sunday alone, he bought abt 3 limited ed transformers and i have no idea watelse he bought since i didnt go with him. Our house is full of transformers, it is a heaven for boys but too bad i dont have anyboy. ATM has 2 pink transformers, there are P's favourite. Both P and I are not allowed to touch his cabinet..... as he said there are his life....... Wonder will this make $$$?

Sick of Prata

Prata is P's favourite food at the moment. She will ask for prata whenever we ask her wat she wants. At certain place, minimum order for prata kosong is 2. Depending on her mood, maximum she can finish 1.5 pieces, so i will be the one to finish the remaining.

I m really sick of eating leftover prata, so please help me.....

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Caterpillar to butterfly

Teaching -The wonder of watching caterpillars turn into butterflies.

A friend once told me that when i was struggling as a relief teacher..... I finally see the wonders when you were greeted by your ex-student and he is going to be a MO soon. The feeling is good and yet somehow i feel OLD....

J, my fellow peddlar from dragonboat training passed me some brochure on early childhood education... Had a look at it, it is impossible for me to go on part time studies with a full time job and a 3yo on tow. I would love to have a career change but tt will have to be something that i really love. All will only happened after we have settle our financial burden.

I would love to see more butterflies around.

Give it to 弟弟

P doesnt like to clean up after playing with her toys. We will always threaten her that we gonna throw the toys away, then she will keep them. One fine day, she told me dont throw, give it to 弟弟. I m just lost of word, i dunno wat to react.


P is turning 4 this year. Recently we have seen a lot of changes in her. She is speaking so much more and with confident. Two years ago when we first sent her to CC, she hardly can speak much. There were a time after her 2yo IQ assessment, we were even considering to sent her for speech therapy, but the teachers in CC assure us that give her some times.

Recently, she has been intoxicated by Peppa. She watches Peppa all the time and she can recite the lines together when she is watching it on her ipod. Just yesterday, she asked for Noddy, so we youtube-d it for her, and she is narrating it. In term of her speech, we have seen great improvement, so is her spoken chinese.

For the past week, P has been packing her breakfast to school. I will make sure she had some at home before leaving the house, since by the time we reached CC, A had finished her breakfast. P just want to have her breakfast with A. There is this special bonds between this two.

P told me she loves the letter P, becos P is for Paige, P is for Peppa Pig, P is for pear and P is for Prata her favourite food.

P loves posing for photo now. This is her in her DIY Peppa tee, since it cost £15 for a Peppa pig tee. She is holding her breakfast which she wanted to share with A.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

EHS awareness

With the increase awareness for worksafe safety, my labmates and i submitted 5 posters for the EHS awareness poster. We submitted 5 posters and wong prices for 4 of them.

This is the favourate among those who understand hokkien.

This is my personal favourite, P took this herself.

Ice cream making workshop

I brought P to an ice cream making workshop organise by learning tech last year. I find that the trainer is nt engaging enough and they should have it in different age groups rather than everyone join in together. But it was only $10, cant complain too much, I still think i can do a better job than the trainer... haha.....

Last sat, i went to the adult icecream makign workshop organized by the organization. The method is the same, just that the ingredients used are slightly different. Me and my partner in crime make the coconut flavored ice cream using coconut milk, but i think with the fresh santan from the market will be perfect coupled with green chendol and red bean.. yum..... After the workshop we had icecream buffet, it was so sinful but i like..... Two of us shared 12 scoops of ice cream, 1 waffle and a monster cone..... My favourites are lychee martini, bailey and mao shan wan..... How to loose weight? I supposed to go for my dragon boat training on that day......

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hair Cut

I m the kind of cheapo/selfish mother who wont sent her kid to professional hairdresser..... As she thinks they are over-rated, whereas she will spend on her own hair.... It is so hard to cut P's hair, she keep moving and her hair is never straight and at time there look like the dogs had bitten her hair..... Yesterday P told me to cut her hair short, i asked her how short, she told me short like her papa..... I cut about 1.5" off, i still think she looks nicer with shoulder length hair but short hair is easy to maintain....

Dad said she looks exactly like me when i was little.... That is what i told ATM, with her new haircut, she looks like the little me.... I need to dig out my old photo to proof to him that i was cute once... haha