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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Recently, quite a number of colleagues asked me if I started PV. Nope, I didn't even apply for PV. They gave me the unbelievable look. I told them P will be going to a neighbourhood school, at least both me and p will be less stress up compare to going to a top school. This is spore, all schools will have a standard to meet, and I believe all schools are equally good.

We have 4 primary schools all fall within 1km from our home. The only issue we have is to get in without having to ballot. My choice is the school has to be close to home and Will be ideal if it has after school care services. I have so much to learn from the others on the education system of spore.
A colleague, whose gal was an ex-student from P's daycare told me that we dun have to worry. They will be prepared well for P1. But just bear in mind that the Chinese standard will drop as teacher in P1 are not as interesting as their kindy teacher.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Play @ Kids Amaze

ATM had a stall selling his toys @ Kids Ama2e TPY over the wkend. It had been awhile since we brought her to indoor
playground, so it will be prefect. Being 5yo, most of her gross motor skills are pretty developed, and I dun have to follow her ard like a mother hen. l can sit at a corner and read. what l enjoyed most is seeing her making new friends and playing With them. l can see that she is getting very sociable as she grows older. Some kids are very Social, they will Intro themselves and asked if you would wana play with them. It is really nice to see them running ard holding hands, and I cant help but think of my childhood buddies.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tone deaf

P is having some problem with her chinese pronounciation. She has problem pronouncing 哪里 and 那里.

Was toking to ATM,
Me: 看, 你女儿都吃葱。
P: only baby bird eat worms, i eat human food.

She tot 葱 is 虫.

We are working on her chinese, there is improvement. I m still very firm on nt sending her to enrichment classes outside her school hours. Though i have frens telling me that she must have a strong foundation before going P1. For god sake, there are just children, the teachers in daycare is doing great jobs teaching them.... Though she might be slow in certain area but as long as i see improvement, i m happy. I m all for holistic learning, other than academic, soft skills are important too.


Wonder if i have hit halflife or pass my halflife. The speed of my hair whitened is as fast as P finished her ice cream. It feels really scary when the other older person still having charcoal black hair. Not only the grey hair issue, i also realised that my memory is bad too.... Hope demantia dun hit me so fast, at least i wana have good memories to stay with me.

I feel demoralised and helpless. I feel bad when i forgot abt things related to P's routines or school stuffs.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Speech and drama performance

This was the first time we attended P's speech and drama performance, as she Was down with gastro flu last year and miss her performance.We were very proud of her. She is able to articulate her lines loud and clear, most importantly she is able to perform in public. Previously she will just stood there and froze.To us this is a very big improvement. I m very surprised that she is able to remember her lines. Keep up the good work.

The K1 Brussels performing 'The runaway bunny' by Margaret Wise Brown. Well done... The kids just look so happy.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

PTC parent's feedback

P showed me the yellow paper and insisted that i fill them up in the car. We can see that she is getting more and more responsible now. She will make sure that she will get her things done before going to bed. Back to the feedback form, the first question was what is the strengths and weaknesses of your child. I asked ATM, what is P's strengths. We cant even say one but when it comes to weaknesses, there are so many to list.

We are so blinded by her weaknesses and taking granted of her strengths.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


小的 以开始讲华, 说得还不错。 有的时候是有英语翻译中文。 不关怎么样, 这是个好的开始。

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fire Drill

P told me that there was a fire drill after nap time. She told me that it was drizzling. I asked if she and her classmates went outdoor since it was drizzling. But she didn't reply other than telling me abt the weather. So I didn't pay much attention to the matter since it was raining don't think the school will arrange another fire drill. Today I received an email from her child care to inform us abt  the fire incident at the basement carpark. This was not the first incident that P has encountered. The first time was at Jem also fire incident at the basement carpark and we had to evacuate the building. Prior to that incident, they had a fire drill in school, so she pretty much know what to do when there is a fire....

Monday, November 4, 2013


Photos in the blog has gone missing... Argh....

Bird pee pee

On our way home, P told she wana drink bird pee pee before going to bed. Cant help it but laugh, she was refering to birdnest. We feed her birdnest once awhile when it is on sales. In TCM, it is believed that it is good for her lungs.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


P listens to classical music to sleep. It is a habit since baby. When we in the car, we will b listening to Class 95. Recently, we found that she actually listens, as she is making comments on what the DJs were talking. She is still not very keen when i switch to 933, she will request for me to switch back to english channel.

We had the following conversation yesterday.
P: What is Esso?
Me: It is a brand of petrol, our car drinks Esso, godma's car drink Shell
P: Shell V Power?
Me rollinng my eyeballs, she can remember most ads.
Me: Why does our car drink petrol?
P: Just like we drink Peel Fresh.