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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Recently, quite a number of colleagues asked me if I started PV. Nope, I didn't even apply for PV. They gave me the unbelievable look. I told them P will be going to a neighbourhood school, at least both me and p will be less stress up compare to going to a top school. This is spore, all schools will have a standard to meet, and I believe all schools are equally good.

We have 4 primary schools all fall within 1km from our home. The only issue we have is to get in without having to ballot. My choice is the school has to be close to home and Will be ideal if it has after school care services. I have so much to learn from the others on the education system of spore.
A colleague, whose gal was an ex-student from P's daycare told me that we dun have to worry. They will be prepared well for P1. But just bear in mind that the Chinese standard will drop as teacher in P1 are not as interesting as their kindy teacher.

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