Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween

Super like this halloween themed brownie. I slightly over baked it and it is a tad too sweet but sweet toothies will still like it. P ate half of it as it is too sweet to finish. We have low sugar tolerance.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I have carried 2 babies in the span of 3 days. P dun even give a damn when i carried her cousin for the whole evening. All she asked was can we bring the baby home.

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Science Enrichment Review

It was the first time we met P's Science teacher, Ms N. Oh my, she is so young, P tok alot abt her at home. feedback from Ms N was that P doesnt like to participate in class nor volunteer to answer question. But when the question is arrowed to her, she is able to answer. Her motor skill has improved as well..... It is good that she is showing interest in science.

Annual Review

Her scheduled review was in dec but we have to rescheduled it due to my sister's wedding. The usual, P will have her weight and height taken. It is getting very high tech now rather than like last time, the nurse will do it manually. Currently P is 13.30kg and 91cm tall, though she is short for her age but based on her growth chart, she is growing so nothing much we can do. Unless she is nt growing much, we might have to consider growth hormone therapy, which i m not so keen.... As usual, her neonat will check on her ask her question based on her 48mth questionaire. So far so good, no additional therapy needed. We did feedback to her neonat with a few issue, but she assure us that it boils down to her personality. My main concern for P is that, she wrote in mirror image, as i have mild dyslexia, and again she told me nt to worry, it is very common in children. Perhaps i worry too much.... Well my little warrior growing well, we will just have to nurture her well......

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


After a series of tests/check, it is comfirmed that ATM has mild palpitation due to valve prolapse. It can be either genetic or due to aging. I hope P will not inherit this since her heart was not very good to begin with. Due to the valve prolapse, he is always complaining abt shortness of breath when he has to babysit P. Well, being a typical Sporean men, i think he is just 'keng-ing', he tot he can get away with IPPT every year, too bad, they just downgrade him from A to B. Hahaha.....

Because of the prolapse, he is so skinny... He is currently on low dosage of Mg, noting much can be done..... BTW, it is not life threatening, so life goes on as per normal. It is a pretty common heart problem now.

DnD 2012

DnD was held on a friday, P is staying back in school due to children day's camp. It was a fun evening, nice food, wouldnt say the wine is nice but the companies were superb. I got at 16GB thumbdrive again..........

Once upon a time

It is funny that P likes to begin her story telling by 'Once upon a time'. Whenever she picks up a book, she will begin with that and tell story just from the picture, rather than me reading to her. We are trying to cultivate reading at home, all of us including ATM will do some light reading before going to bed.


P came home one day told me that C's mommy has a baby in her tummy. She looked at me and told me i have a baby as well. Everynight during bedtime, she will tell me can i listen to 妹妹. She will put her ear to my tummy and said good night and sleep tight 妹妹.

说实话, 我真的有一股冲动好想生个妹妹和她一起成长。她将会是一个好姐姐

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Special Effect Halloween Makeup

Isnt it cool? This is my first try.

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Instant Food

Once awhile we will have instant food for dinner especially when i m running late. CP wonton in seaweed broth, at least no artificial seasoning is used as seaweed itself has the sea taste. Koka purple noodle, P's favourite becos purple is hee fav color.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012


没有婚姻的人, 不一定是一个人
有婚姻的人, 不一定是两个人


Super Kancheong Style

PM Lee 'enjoyed' the Singaporean Gungnam Style- Super Kancheong Style. During the NDP rally, PM said children should enjoy their childhood and parents should not over teach them. I hope all parents are listening to our PM.

I know of a few mothers who are super kancheong/tiger mommy and I dun like talking to them. And I know they think that I m a very irresponsible mom. I recalled having a conversation with one of them, both our kids are of the same age. She asked abt P progress, being a slightly laid back mom, I told her in a proud voice that P can write her name, knows her ABC and count to almost 20. She gave me this tsk tsk expression and said your gal should be counting to 50 now and knows basic spelling for simple words. And she goes on abt her son who can count to 50 and spell apple, cat…… So what? I think P has more life than her son…..

Another mommy, who used to be a close fren of mine b4 she became a mommy. She will always tok abt enrichment classes. The enrichment classes that she went to are those Science and Music offered in her CC, and the art class that she has been attending since 2.5yo. I dun wana spend my wkend attending classes with P, ok maybe I m lazy. P goes to cc 5 days a week, wkend should be free from enrichment classes so we can go out to play whenever we want.

Sometimes it is nt us who wana push our kids, but rather the environment and ppl ard. So I learnt nt to compare my kid with others and dun hangout with the KS/KC parents. Personally, I know P is not very advance academically if compare to her peers, some has started doing additions and spelling, whereas she is still making the sound of each alphabet. All children progress differently, we will have more crafted play moment to learn. Perhaps this is from a mother who played too much and was kicked out of kindy after her 1st day in school. I have never attended any formal education prior to P1, I do not know any ABC or even my name till before school. I turned out OK, I went to uni to get a weird degree in petroleum geochemistry which I have no use at all. I also got a graduate degree in research in the top 25 world ranking uni. I believe that if a child has a happy childhood, he/she will do well when they grow up. Of cos I do have a tiger mom and tiger dad who thinks that being a doctor or engineer is the only occupation to go, but the more they push me the more I hate my studies. When they give up on me and sent me oversea, I started to study as the teaching methods is totally different. I wasn’t punished for drawing on my exam paper but was given a good grade compared to when I was in primary n secondary where I was classified as a lazy student who don’t pay attention in class. I know I wasn’t stupid just tt my style was nt accepted in the traditional asian society. At least our government’s focus on education is changing, I think the younger generation will have hope.

Happy children’s day, enjoy every moment of being a kid.

Soya Milk

P coughs and runny nose always get very bad during the hazy period, doc said this is due to her under-developed lungs. When her breathing and cough sounds funny we will have to rush her down to KKH. As she grows older, her lungs will get stronger and hope that cough n flu will not visit her so often.

After her gastro flu, cough n flu struck her. She refused to take her cough and runny nose med, she said she dun like them. As usual, we bring her to TCM, though the med is bitter, but she seems to enjoy taking the med n not to mention the soothing tuina. The price of tuina n med had gone up, it costs almost the same as GP. The TCM doc told us to stop her milk intake n replace with soya milk, as her tummy is super bloated due to indigestion and she is also very pheglmy.

Perhaps i can justify why i can buy the soya milk machine now.... haha.....

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Finally we are able to communicate in full mandarin now. All thanks to 喜洋洋 and 陈老师, she even speak in chinese slang too. I must say her mandarin has improve tremendously. She is able to recognise a few simple chinese character. It will be a nightmare to teach her to write her chinese name. She loves 喜洋洋 so much that, i m called 美羊羊 n no lngee mommy, ATM is 灰太狼 and herself the cutest in the cartoon, 小灰灰

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Creme caramel

P likes to play in the kitchen, so most of the time i will let her help in food preparation. Since the fresh milk in the fridge is going to 'expire', so i asked her to make creme caramel with me. She helped with the pouring and stirring part.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sleep talking

Once awhile, P will laugh or smile in her sleep. Recently, she has been talking in herself, mostly asking me dun go.... I wonder what she is thinking? Is it i didnt spend enough time with her?

We also notice that she will cry n shout when i leave the car without her. She will tell me i cant go out alone must wait for her. Is she too attached to me? Or i wasnt spending enought time with her?

Mid Autmn Festival

P celebrated mooncake festival in school. They even have mooncake making session. The kids were performing during the celebration. All parents were busy videoing the moments, including myself.

P was in the front row, she smiled when i waives to her. Previously we need to hide or else she will cry n run to us. Or else she will stand on the spot looking shocked. This time roumd, i can see that she is enjoying herself, dancing all the way. She is all grown up now.

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My schedule during wkdays is so screw up mmost of the time. We have been eating out most of the time. I cant see that P is sick of those food. She hardly eat her dinner anymore. When i do cook, she will down bowls of soup n rice.

It is sad tt i dont even have the time to cook for her now. ATM suggested that we cater for dinner. Well hopefully she will enjoy her dinner. For the time being, i m up early to make her special breakfast to compensate for nt cooking dinner...

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