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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Super Kancheong Style

PM Lee 'enjoyed' the Singaporean Gungnam Style- Super Kancheong Style. During the NDP rally, PM said children should enjoy their childhood and parents should not over teach them. I hope all parents are listening to our PM.

I know of a few mothers who are super kancheong/tiger mommy and I dun like talking to them. And I know they think that I m a very irresponsible mom. I recalled having a conversation with one of them, both our kids are of the same age. She asked abt P progress, being a slightly laid back mom, I told her in a proud voice that P can write her name, knows her ABC and count to almost 20. She gave me this tsk tsk expression and said your gal should be counting to 50 now and knows basic spelling for simple words. And she goes on abt her son who can count to 50 and spell apple, cat…… So what? I think P has more life than her son…..

Another mommy, who used to be a close fren of mine b4 she became a mommy. She will always tok abt enrichment classes. The enrichment classes that she went to are those Science and Music offered in her CC, and the art class that she has been attending since 2.5yo. I dun wana spend my wkend attending classes with P, ok maybe I m lazy. P goes to cc 5 days a week, wkend should be free from enrichment classes so we can go out to play whenever we want.

Sometimes it is nt us who wana push our kids, but rather the environment and ppl ard. So I learnt nt to compare my kid with others and dun hangout with the KS/KC parents. Personally, I know P is not very advance academically if compare to her peers, some has started doing additions and spelling, whereas she is still making the sound of each alphabet. All children progress differently, we will have more crafted play moment to learn. Perhaps this is from a mother who played too much and was kicked out of kindy after her 1st day in school. I have never attended any formal education prior to P1, I do not know any ABC or even my name till before school. I turned out OK, I went to uni to get a weird degree in petroleum geochemistry which I have no use at all. I also got a graduate degree in research in the top 25 world ranking uni. I believe that if a child has a happy childhood, he/she will do well when they grow up. Of cos I do have a tiger mom and tiger dad who thinks that being a doctor or engineer is the only occupation to go, but the more they push me the more I hate my studies. When they give up on me and sent me oversea, I started to study as the teaching methods is totally different. I wasn’t punished for drawing on my exam paper but was given a good grade compared to when I was in primary n secondary where I was classified as a lazy student who don’t pay attention in class. I know I wasn’t stupid just tt my style was nt accepted in the traditional asian society. At least our government’s focus on education is changing, I think the younger generation will have hope.

Happy children’s day, enjoy every moment of being a kid.

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