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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Monday, March 28, 2011

Viral Fever

P's fever didnt subside even after we return from Melacca..... Early Monday morning, ard 2 am we rushed her to KKH, as her fever has went down from 39C to 38.5C after 2-3 h. Brufen and Paracetamol didnt seem to help. Sponging just make P scream and cry. Doc in KKH told us that she is having viral fever, if temp doesnt go down after 7 days, we have to sent her to hospital again. After KKH, she managed to sleep from 530 am to 1 pm, fever went down and basically fever free. Therefore i make the decision to sent her to cc, in case fever rebound, i had paracetamol ready in her bag and told her teacher to ring me....

P waiting for her turn in KKH

Malacca Trip

We set off for Malacca ard 10am in the morning, this is our 1st time driving there. It took us about 3.5h to reach Melacca, and my sis, E is there waiting for us in the hotel. The most unfortunate thing happened, P down with fever, luckily, i have a habit of packing thermometer and her medication when we are away.

P with her 公公

Enjoying her edemame, her fav
Mom and Dad
Poor P with fever patch at dinner with E's in law

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


P is able to said this 4 syllable word properly now...... CA-TER-PIL-LAR....... She used to pronounce it as CA-TE-TU-DAR.... Heard her singing the caterpillar song with the correct pronounciation, good job..... This is 1 of the song that she enjoys singing with the hand action....

Words that she is able to pronounce properly:
- umbrella
- elephant
- aeroplane
- banana which she used to pronounce as nana
- bicycle
- watermelon
- motorcycle
- butterfly

This term, P will be going to library and the topic for this term is STORYBOOK. I hardly read to her, cos everytime when we took out the book, she will snatch it and flip thru them by herself.... Then she will tell me what is in the book, i never get a chance to read to her. Perhaps i need to start reading to her again....

Music appreciation

Currently, this is P's favourite piece of music, she prefers the instrumental one, whereas mommy prefers the song itself. The part of the music that we like is the beginning and in the middle part, where cello (if i m nt wrong) and violin was played respectively. I m nt a musician but i just love the music that the violin family (violin, viola, double bass and cello) makes. Hopefully dear P will learn to appreciate it as well, and plays my favourite piece Canon in D major by Pachelbel to me :) I had this piece for my wedding and listen to it almost every night when i was pregnant with P and when P is home.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Toilet Training

P has been diaper free when she is at home, at time accident do happens, if i forgot to ask if she needs to go toilet. For the pass few week, she has been accident free. She even told me that she need to pee when she is in cc or going out. Before P went to bed last night, we had a little chat.

Me: So tomolo in school, when u need to go pee pee, what do have to do you do?
P: 陈老师,我要小便
Me: Tt very good, but what if 陈老师 nt ard?
P: Teacher S, I want to pee pee.

Hope she will tell her teacher, when she has the urge, eventhough she is wearing diaper.

Finally, we are half way there :)

Parent's Day

Friday was P's Parent's Day in cc, i've actually planned my work so i can leave ard 4pm to attend the Parent's Day. Too bad, i ended up have to attend a last min seminar which is useful for my work. I was quite frustated as i was nt able to attend the CNY celebration with her due to work.

Manage to only took a pic of this cookie, the other 1 went down to her tummy.

Enjoying her cookie while waiting for our ride home.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bless you

Was having my breakfast with P this morning, suddenly i sneezed twice. P looked at me then she said, 'Bless you'. Isnt tt sweet?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Suddenly the little one is gettign very possessive of her belongings. Last night while having dinner, P was sipping my green tea.

P: 那个你的(pointing at his cup),这个我的。

Friday, March 11, 2011

Jigsaw Puzzle

Dear P has been addicted to puzzles lately, in cc she can do all the 4 pieces puzzles. So we tot we can upgrade her to something more challenging, ard 20 pieces. Slowly she is getting a hang of it now.

Though she cant really recognize all the numbers, but she can finish the puzzle on her own :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

You b in my Prayer

Just before i left for work, i got a msn msg from A, my primary mate who we went to Perth together for further education. Normally we seldom msn during working hour. He asked if i will be going to Perth again this year, and said it will be good if will drop by. He told me his wife is 4 month pregnant, and there were some issue. He was telling me that her pregnancy was as drama as mine. During her blood test, the doc detected that baby boy has Edwards Syndrome, an amniocentesis was done to further confirm, today the result will be out and if it is +ve, decision will need to be make. I m quite sadden by this news, both of them has been trying very long for this boy. After the amniocentesis, the wife started to have leakage, and found that punture hole is gettign bigger but is stable now. Being a prematue baby herself, is likely that her baby will be premature too. I've known of a girl, Vera who had Edwards Syndrome is also know as Trisomy 18, she is a very brave fighter so is her family.

A and wife take care, i hope to hear good news too. You guys will be in my prayer, too bad i cant make it to see you guys. Eagle, that is what your papa call you when i asked him if you are a boy or gal, be strong, I know you are a fighter.

Update: Yeah, the result turns out to be -ve. Eagle boy, be good, and hope to see you next time.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tiger Mother

Cant wait to get my paw on this book 'Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother' by Amy Chua, a Yale law professor who is married to a Jewish. This book talks abt the different of Chinese parenting compared to the westerner.

Will i be a tiger mommy? I m not sure yet, perhaps when i m succumb to pressure, will i? But I hope i will never be a tiger mommy, cos i would not want to follow my parents' footstep. I want P to enjoy her childhood, she doesnt have to score straight As and yet i will still love her :) There is no right or wrong parenting, as long as it works for the kids? Like what my mom said, '爱是不需要说出口的', 那行动可以吧? I m nt sure, but i know my P is a very affectionate girl, she will hug n kiss you whenever she likes. When i pretending to b asleep, she will crawl next to me n kiss me on my forehead then pat me to sleep, and i like being 'sayang' by her :)

Just a few night ago, my dad commented that P doesnt recognise her 123. I m happy that she can count from 1 to 10 using her fingers. I m nt goin to push her to be academic incline yet, as i dont want her to hate books at a young age. We have known a few parents, who sent their kids to all sort of enrichment classes, i feel tired for the kids. Their weekend are filled with one enrichment classes after the other... Weekend to me is for family bonding and relaxing, where P will have fun with her cousins, playing with play dough, running amok in the house, laughing none stop till someone complained tummy ache, her fav activity is to shower with her cousins, washing each others back. I enjoy sitting on the sofa just looking at them play, so carefree :) Sometimes i wish i can be like them :) For the old one like us, weekend is time for us to gather ard catching up while playin mahjong and food is also one of the reason for gathering :)

Tiger mom, maybe not........ I wana be a penguin mom :) ATM, taking care of P will b your job, thanks penguin papa and dun complain, at least u dun have to hatch the egg in cold... haha

Baby Penguin


The first time i saw an autistic child was when i was facilitating for NUS high, he is like any normal boy, at time he will shout and beat himself. What impress me most was, he is a very smart boy who cant express himself. The parents of disable kids are very 伟大, u have my respect. I m not sure if i can handle it, if P has any form of disability.

When P was born premature with low birth weight, we were told that she might be this and that, and cerebral palsy and autistic were something that hit me the most. From the day she came home, we have been observing her behaviour even till now, every visit to her review, we will ask Dr A, if she 'normal' or does she exhibit any trade of the CP or autistic. Perhaps we are paranoid, like Carly's parents, we think that early intervention helps. P has been with OT, PT and even feeding therapist for early intervention since she was discharge from KKH. At ca 18mth, we were relief when she was discharge from all this therapy.

Now that she is in cc, we do get additional eyes and professional advise from her teachers. Now that she is speaking up (ATM thinks that she can really 顶心顶肺 when she speaks), we might nt even need to visit speech therapy :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MOE ad

Hmmm, "You never forget a good teacher'..... I dun have any fond memories of my teachers (they r nt gd enuff?) except Ms Ng, my P6 geography teacher. My interest in geography started from her, she taught me geography can be interesting :)

DND 2011

This year our DND was held in Hotel Fort Canning, and i m celebrating the end of my term in social comm... Yeah.....

Looking at these photo, feel like i m the witch from Little mermaid. Time to shed some FATS. Last night, i pulled my hamstring during my badminton game, damn it. Think i will be having down time, no gym till another week.

Update: lost abt 1kg in 2 wk, 10 more kg to go....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Funny but TRUE

Saw these quote from one of my fren's FB, it is so damn true.

'Why are single women slim and married women big ? Single women come home, look in the fridge and go to bed while married women come home, look in the bed and go to the fridge.'

Now i know why i'm chunky :) Currently i m in the process of losing FATS, perhaps turning a blind eye would help?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Virgin Ride

This is her 1st kiddy ride, it cost me $3 for 5 min.

Another smooth day

P had a very busy weekend, last night she had a crazy night, running amok with her cousins. Finally slept at 11pm, which is a no no for Sunday night, as Monday is a school day. Well when the grandparents and auntie is around, the rules will be bent a bit.

This morning while on the way to cc, she slept in the car. Woke up when we reach school, after the usual routine, she sat down n had her breakfast. Yeah, she wasnt clingy today.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Last night, while changing P, she hold my hands, looked at me seriously
P: 我要弟弟
Me: 妹妹可以吗?
P: 不要,我要弟弟
Me: 妹妹
P: 不要,妹妹cry cry
Me: 妹妹cry cry, P also cry cry all the time
P: P 姐姐,cannot cry cry
Me: Ok, tomolo morning, make sure u dun cling on tightly to me n cry when i sent u to cc
P: OK mommy

Perhaps, in cc, a few mommies are pregnant, that is why she been asking for a 弟弟. Well, to have or not to have no 2, will need further discussion.

This morning, at cc, P behave like a 姐姐, kiss n wave bye bye to me :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sticky Girl

Sticky girl, yeah that is what Teacher called P this morning. I tot P is over this separation anxiety but to my disappointment, she is not. Well, only time can tell, Mummy please be patience :)

I've tried to shoo every1 out the house when the clock strick 8 in the morning, so that P can join her frens for breakfast rather than show up late when every1 is happily participating in class activities.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The end of separation anxiety?

This morning as i carried P up the stairs to her cc, she is behaving like her usual self... clingy. Left her on the chair for the routine check up while i go settle her barang-barang. We went to wash hand together before her breakfast, then she asked to be carried as usual. Before i even sit her down on the chair, she said bye bye to me. The recent usual her would be cling on to me n tear when i m abt to sit her down on the chair. But today, she said bye to me n happily munching her pink bao away. Before i left her, she waved bye to me again. Hopefully today will mark the end of her separation anxiety.

Note from 陈老师, now P can speak quite well. Last night before she bedtime, she was singing 哈萨亚琪, didnt know that it is a 儿歌. Though not very clear yet, but at least she got the tune right. ATM thinks that we should think abt sending her to music class, since she is now playing her keyboard n singing at the same time. She thinks she is an artist, now TV is playing the 'HOME' song, and she just simply loves that song, perhaps she be able to sing it during NDP.