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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Busy March

ATM told us that he will be travelling to Perth for work. Yipee came out from my mouth, adhoc holidays...I planned of where to brinģ P since it is end of summer beginning of autumn. Then i got a phone call from my uncle saying that ah ma fell down n had hip fracture....No more holidays but bought a tix to return to Kuching. Just as i have bought tix from Mas, didnt expect it to be cheaper than Airasia. The news of MH370 gone missing reported everywhere on news, all personnel are still busy looking for the the missing plane.

This was the first time i left P in ATM's care for more than 5h. I went back for 8 days to take care of ah ma and settled home care for her. For a 90 yo to undergo surgery twice in a week is really a lot of stress. 4 units of blood were transfused. It was my first time seeing ah ma in so much pain, she cried and said she rather die as the pain was too much to bear. It really pains my heart to see her suffer. After the 2nd surgery all went well n pain is manageable and we did physio on her leg to prevent muscle shrinkage. Since ah ma is bed bound and is on diapers. It was my first time changing diapers and clearin poo poo for adult. Then came the constipation issue and ah ma was readmit again. It was decided to sent ah ma to nursing home so professional can take care of her till she recover. Called ah ma last nite, she said she is getting better and is eating.

Yesterday ATM left for Perth, his first trip without us too. And P had fever at 40C, tt as the highest i hav ever recorded. I was worried but good thing is that she is active.


We drove pass Frontier primary school this morning and parents were sending the kids off to school. Finally i have the chance to show P the scene. She asked if ZH jue jie goes to this school. Yes she is, and ZL didi will be too next year. I hope P can also get in next year. With that P said no... it is scary. Of cos i asked why. She asked if there is a playground in the skool, and is the playground outside the school. She told is dangerous, cars will hit the kids if the playground is outside the school. I wonder why she thinks that way. Well at least safety is her priority.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Felt a bit depress upon hearing the news on the missing MAS plane. I tot accident normally happens during take off and landing and seldom in the air. Cant recall when was the last time i took MAS. I have bought tix to Kuching with MAS last night. I m scared, will i be back to my family in 1 piece? It will mark my very first trip without P. ATM too will be flying to WA for biz trip without us.... I m paranoid now.

Nothing that we can do except praying for the staffs and passangers on that flight.