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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bye bye Mama

Mama is not my mom but instead is mom's sister. All of us called her mama instead of ah yi. She is a primary school teacher, a kind teacher. She never use canes at all which is rare in our era. I will always visit her when she is in spore, there is always so many things to talk abt.

Mama has been bed ridden for a few mth due to her cancer. We went back in dec to visit her. Last wk she was admitted due to lung infection. After gotten all clear from doc, she went home on fri and passed away half hour after home. My mom and sis have been flying back from oz for the funeral but i m nt going back.

We were worry abt ah ma. Ah ma was with her when mama stopped her breath. Ah ma is very calm whereas my mom has breakdown a few times.

Mama, may you rest in peace. You will be miss dearly.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


I was hit by the bloody gastro bug at work.... Came out from the lab feeling sick, rushed to the nearest toilet to vomit. Feel so so bad but after the vomit i actually feels good. Went back to office to rest n hoped the feeling will go away but no..... every 5 to 10 min i need to go either vomit or LS... My colleague sitting next to me was in shock when she saw me... She said my face is as pale as the sheet. I feel so weak n is sweating, called ATM to pick me up. Rested in the car but cant help it, still vomitted. While at home, things got worst, i almost called the ambulance. Imagine sitting on the toilet n holding a bag to vomit. I cant walk, i have to crawl and i m alone at home.

I thinked i passed out for awhile and all output came to an end. Took some 100+ to rehydrate myself and continued to rest. P not allowed to come near me...

Then ATM reminded me that the last time i had bad gastro was 6 yr ago. Had a check it was the same day.... 6 yr ago, on the exact same day, i was 4 wk preg with P. The little fighter survived the gastro episode.... Mayb it is a sign, i need to go easy on P. I hav been a bit strict with her lately n is stressjng both me and her.


瑄: 明天要帶紅包去 學校
我: ok
瑄: 要把裡面的錢拿出來
我: 是
瑄: 要記得喔, 不可以帶起去學校
我: 知道了, 你好罗嗦

Lasek Review

Went for Lasek review after 3 mth break. My vision was not 6/6 but dun need any spectacles. I have been glasses free for 8 mth, the feeling is so good.. It cost me abt 6k in total, a bit ex but worth it. Hope lao hua wont come so soon.

Back to Normal

After the second week of school, things started to go back to normal. Had a chat with Teacher S, apparently she is not the only one who refused to go school. Teacher S was doing revision with them which involved quite some writing and reading.

Seeing her enjoying school again is so relief now.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I dun wana read

It pain my heart when the active gal looked so down for the pass 2 days. She only had 2 bites of her fav yu cha kueh for breakfast yesterday. This morning she had a baby hotdog bun, a least she finish the whole bun minus the hotdog. She looked unhappy n when we asked her what she did in skool, all that she replied was i dunno. Tonight she didnt finish her dinner.

Tok to her, asked why she dun wana go skool. Finally she told me abt reading books in class. She cant read and she got frustrated when her classmates can read. I can see that she is trying, when i m busy preparing dinner, she flipped thru some books and trying to pronounce the words. After dinner, we sat down n read a very simple book. Not too bad, perhaps i dun have any expectation.... Took out the K1 word lists, we tried 15 words and she can pronounce 13 of it.... She seems happy and i told her to bring her own book and read, it is ok that we dunno some of the words. Hopes tomolo will be better.

Monday, January 6, 2014


P spend quite sometimes on her fav ratan chair reading. To me tt was unusual. Yesterday she asked ATM to read with her, of cos u will never reject a child who is hungry foe knowledge.

This morning, she woke up looking sad. She refused to change into her uniform. And told me she dun wana go to school. After some coaxing, she took out a story book and asked to read with her. I chose a simple sentence and asked her to read out. So far she is able to read 7 out of the 8 words in the sentence. She wasnt very happy. Told her we will read 2 pages every night n learn 2 new words as well. I think her stress came from her not able to read the book in school. We told her that if there is a need, we will send her to phonic class. Dun have to stress up, Rome was not build in a day... We learnt thru mistake, i hope it will get into her head.
Told ATM, P is exhibiting KS behaviour, which is so not me... Haha... must hav inherited the genes frm my Fil......

Thursday, January 2, 2014

NY Resolution

It is time again for ny resolution..... Good health for everyone since P ended the year 2013 with viral fever. It will be an exciting 2014.

P in K2, we will be registering for P1 for her. Dunno what will come, just wan her to enjoy as much as she can. Still attending her fav gym class, she can do the split now. ATM signed her up for chinese and science class in daycare. Hope she will enjoys them. Hope we will be able to travel more and have fun. I will try my vey best to show more patience to the rascal, no shouting or raising my voice.....

Whereas for myself, i have planned to conquer the tallest mountain in SEA. Starting my training soon. Hope i can save up more money for the start up... Wana learn more new skills.

Most importantly good health, good luck n good fortune.... hehe

Oh yeah.... i m turning partial vegetarian....... which means no animal product in the evening.... Healthy eating for the family, hope i will have more time to cook for them since picky P dun fancy outside food.

Lastly i m gonna have a swell time at work.... enjoying every bit of working life before it ends.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

SEA Aquarium

Finally we made our way there. It was supercrowded so we didnt take much photo. P was super excited.... eventhough it was her second time there. Her first was with the daycare.


Teacher S called ard 1230 on boxing day to informed me that P vomited and had a fever. Had to rush back to pick her up as i was at the sister institute. Damn she must hav catch the bugs frm her cuz. Her fever was 38.5 and active.... just gave her her usual fever med, still no antibiotic for her.....  Gave her shower when fever goes up high.... lotsa sponging... plenty of flu and light meals..... good thing is she is active, when the nite comes fever come back again.... it lasted abt 1 week. Currently she is running a phlegmy cough and a runny nose... In a few days she will be having rashes..... This is what we called The Package....

Hope she will recover fast.... Good health for the year 2014.

Xmas celebration

No xmas celebration this yr again. The only celebration she had was held in daycare. It was potluck, she wanted to bring a fairy cake but i m just too lazy to dig out the cake pan..... so i told her i will make cake pop since the cakepop maker has been sitting at the corner for more than a yr. Took the day off and hopefully i can surprise her as she has been feeling down since her cuz arrived (she cleaned up after him n he was rough at her too but she nv raised her hand on him which i m very proud and still v patience to him. She will make a v gd jie jie).

Fun not

Initially we tot it will be fun that my nephew will be visiting for a month. Nope nt fun at all. Mainly because he was down with viral fever on xmas eve and we spend xmas in kkh ane. Then gastrflu on new yr eve and the parents n ah ma spend the day in kkh ane. On new yr day, poor boy has hives on their way back to Perth. The moment they landed,    he was rushed to PMH. Now he is sleeping at home.... Hope his mommy will have a good rest and all this stresses will not aggrevate her MS.

Poor boy will not be going to daycare as planned. Cos his kancheong spider ah ma n papa will nv agree to that. Speedy recovery boy. I will b sterilizing the house this weekend.