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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Are we too strict?

Recently i noticed that P is behaving differently.

Incident 1. She was having her breakfast at the dining table, and i walked to the room to get something. When came out, she had clean up. It was too fast, so i asked if she finished her breaky, she told me yes. But when i checked the rubbish bin, her breaky was there.

Incident 2. She came home with red paint on her sleeves and bag. I asked her what happened, she didnt reply (which is absolutely normal from her, which kinda piss me off). Later she told me her fren spilled paint on her, since her bag had spashed paint, and i suspect most likely is during shower time. After toking to her teacher in the morning, it is her n mayb with her fren playing with the paint n spilled.

I wondered if it because she is worried we going to scold her and she lied/ refused to tell us what happen? I did those when i was younger to avoid being scolded. Are we being to strict to her or are there something wrong with my parenting? I dont want to be in my parents' shadow.

I am at fault too, i m spending less time with P due to work, got super frustrated with her at time. I m afraid things will get worst, when the extended family is coming in 2 weeks time.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

PTC Sem 2 2012

Went for P's PTC after her last Misulo class, it was sad that it had to close down. At the PTC, it is good to hear that she has improve in her skills, eager to learn new stuffs. But there is still things that we need to tackle, her super short attention span. I minimise her tv time as well as her time spend on the tablet. I hoped it will help. Perhaps it is my fault, at times i used tv n tablet as a mean of babysitting.

We can see that she is able to copy in sentences. She can recognise quite a number of chinese words. To me that is a very good progress.

The subject abt having no 2 was discussed as well. P is having this imaginary future baby sister according to her Teacher L. 陈老师 did feedback abt her character, which is due to being the only child. We will just wait and see if it will happen.....


End of years, always marked the busiest time for me..... P was sick for the past few days, we tot she gonna missed the last day of camp, but due to heavy rain, the trip was cancelled for the kiddos. On the first day, P was running a 38.8C fever but is still active. She ate her lunch and that was her last meal for the day. The next day, she started to vomit n slept all morning, complaining abt tummyache and asked for water in between. She even passed on her fav rebina. But somehow ard lunch time she woke up like her battery was fully charged, she ate like she had been starved for days, but had to control her intake incase she vomit. I m tired of cleaning up her vomit. During the 2 days, ATM n i have to take turn on leave. He went for his meetings in the morning and i will go to work in the afternoon and stayed till i finished my labwork.

My exam is coming next mth, both theory and practical. I havent really started studying yet as i had just finished with my assignment. Imaging trying to complete them in Chinese....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

15 Days @ WA

In July, we took almost half a mth off to down under. July is a month of celebration, it is P's birthday and our wedding anniversary. All these just justify for a 15 days off. This was P's second time to Perth, her first trip was when she was 20 mth old, that time we went during autumn. This time round it was winter.

Enjoying the entertainment system on Qantas, this is where she was exposed to The Simpsons and fell in love with Bart.

We brought her booster seat over.

My favorite paparazzi shot

At Money Mia Resort, took us 2 days from Perth just to see the dolphins

Nice beach

She really enjoyed herself during the trip with all her favourite snacks

Having fun in the playground loaded with sand

At the Bussleton jetty, the longest in the southern hemisphere. Too bad the aquarium was closed due to low clarity. We always missed the aquarium and it was ATM third trip.

Train ride on the jetty

Isnt she cute? She has no fear at all eventhough she is standing at the end of the jetty

A must group pic whenever we are back, the kids really grow up fast.

Genting 2012

It has been in the draft for a long time...... We went to Genting in May together with my parents. We almost cancelled the trip as i was very sick for awhile.... fever and cough for almost 2 mth.....

It was P first coach trip, we took a morning coach as ATM dun like to travel in the evening. Since it was a 5 hr ride from Spore to Genting, i m more worried abt P's bladder. I make her go pee almost every stop. Mom got motion sickness on her way up to Genting...... P enjoyed herself in the children theme park. 

My legs are sleepy

Ever since the car went to the workshop, we have been taking the public transport. Since she is goin to school, we just leave her stroller at home. Plus it is so cramp in the train and bus, there is hardly any space for stroller. These few days, she went to the LH camp, lotsa walking today as they went to Sentosa. She was tired and wanted to be carried. She told ATM her legs are sleepy. It was so cute......

In the beginning of the years, when she took the public transport to school. I remembered Teacher L called n told me that she cried and fell asleep at 1030 in the morning..... Indeed she was tired, she walked 10 min to MRT station, then stood all the way on the bus to school. Poor thing......

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The CC brought the kids to the theatre for 'Ashputtel'. It is actually the story of Cinderella but with a twist. P told me the play was nice n funny. I asked whats the play abt. All she could tell me was they cut the toes and laughed. Well, i read from some parents' review, perhaps thats the highlight of the play, tt y P remembered it so well.... It is good that the CC is exposing her to these, else i would have to bring her (most likely i will not be able to enjoy).

Monday, November 19, 2012


Our car been hit 3 times since we owned it. First was from the back by some security guard who is late for work. Guess what he changed his hp number and not contactable. The dented bumper was left as it was since it is just asthetic. Then it was a hit and run at the MSCP, i suspect it was a lorry. The front hood near the tyre was dented, again it is asthetic, we left it as such. Recently we had an accident, on the way to P's cc. Good thing was she wasnt in the car. It is nt our fault, as the other party steered too much to our lane when doing cornering. There goes the headlight, and we sending it off for some plastic surgery. The accident was caught on the camera...

Thursday, November 15, 2012


草莓菇was the name given to the rambutan when she saw them on the table. 草莓菇is literally translated to strawberry mushroom. I find it very cute... hahaha....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


P has been pretty domesticated lately. She will help to fold the towels and put them in the drawer, though it was nt very needly done but she is helping without me asking her. She will fold her panties and put them to where they belong in the drawer. She even helped me change bedsheet n stuffs.

Sometimes it is just tiny stuff that we take things for granted but i can tell that she does pay attention to details. Yesterday was Deewali holiday, i took the chance to sleep in. P woke up earlier than me. After cleaning herself up, i saw her pulling a rug then put a stool on it. She stood on the stool n pulled out her singlet from the drawer above. Since she cant reach it, and prevent herself from falling incase the stool slip, she put the stool on the rug. I would say it is a smart move, she must have fallen before.

She just love to do things on her own, even her teacher told us that. Perhaps it is time to loosen the string a bit.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Samsung Notes

Our new toys. Of cos the 10.1 is mine, since i have short fingers. hahaha

Cessation of Art Class

To P, Saturday morning is a fun filled morning where she will attend her once a week art class. She has been attending the art class since she was 2. It has been a routine for awhile. Teacher Y called last wk to inform us that the management has decided to close the center. It is ashame tt they have to close down the center. P loves attending the class, and we have seen how creative the kids can be and nt to mention the teachers.

LH will also be ceasing the music enrinchment class in CC. To be honest, i dun really know what P is doing in her music lesson, since we dun have any PTC with her music teacher.

So what next? ATM suggested we let P attend a trial lesson at Safra Gym Center, whereas i m more keen on sending her for swimming lesson. Well, we have to discuss it with the princess, to see what she is interested in.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Halloween

P can only down half the brownie, but the sweet tooth in my office cant get enough

Spooktacular @ Sentosa

This was my very first time participating in the Spooktacular event. My very first time doing halloween makeup. It was fun. Hope i will have the time to participate again next year.

The famous Hantu tetek from childhood

Sea witch
Hantu without a face

Me, the Emporer n the concubine........


We had the following conversation on our way home after school.

P: Y's grandma stays in India.
Me: Ic
P: I wana go India.
Me: Do u know where is India?
P: A n A went back to India before.
Me: Oic, to visit their families?
P: Mommy, do they have prata n curry in india?
Me: Yes, y?
P: Then i wana go India.

At least she knows curry is the national food in india. Prata n curry is her fav food when her papa is still eating prata with sugar.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Our race on the 4 Nov was cancelled due to rain. It was a bit of a disappointment, i been training hard. I even did weight training at home.... Being the all female team in the race, we have been training hard.... My team mates are my motivation, all being in the late 30s, early 40s, training hard.

This is a group of great females, 3 female army regulars, early childhood educator, early childhood educator wanabe, home makers.

Lost Cheque

This was my first time, having to lost a cheque in the cheque deposit box. After a week, i noticed that the cheque was not reflected on my account, called up the bank. Later, cheque clearance department called me up to comfirm they cant locate the cheque..... Called up GE to reissue the cheque again, they told me they have to check with the finance, if it wasnt cleared then a new cheque will be issues.

So far, the ppl i spoke to are pretty nice. I just wana get my cheque back, though is a small amount.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Dental review

P had her annual dental review. Dentist recommended a new toothpaste for her, problem is it cant b found outside. It is suppose to be good for her enamel. Currently her dental appointment is scheduled every 6 monthly. P is very braved during her dental visit.

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Air plant debut

My first terrarium.

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