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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nail Art

Sunday is a me day where i get to be alone without the family. I spend it in school, drawing on nails be it real or fake one. Not sure if it is mid life crisis but i m spending money soing something tt is totally out of my jobscope. I m nt upgrading myself n some would say i m downgrading, but who cares. I m enjoying myself, learning new skills n making new frens.

I have attended 4 lessons n my exam is in nov. I m not sure if i can make it but i will try my best. P will refer to my class as art class. I dun let her near my nail stuff, i will normally do my hw after she sleeps. The smell of the chemical is not really gd for her growing brain. She has her own set of kid's nail polish which is water base and is safe for her n nt to mention environmental frenly.

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