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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I m getting very tired just taking care of P, her horrible 3 stage is getting from bad to worst.... She is always so full of energy even without her afternoon nap....

Last sat, her art class has shifted its location from Safra Jurong to Jcube, so my plan to send her to swimming lesson has to be changed again. Jcube is slightly further from home but it is still easily assessble by public transport, no issue there. But temptation to shop is there, haha.....

After her class, we went to IMM for lunch and walk ard. I dropped by FOX to have a look so did P. She took the bracelet from the rack n did a stress test by streching the elastic band to its break point. Great, she broke it and i have to paid for it, $3.90..... and she had a sound scolding from ATM and everyone is looking (which i totally dont agree)

I told my cousin J abt the incident, and his first respond was 你女儿真是个赔钱货, which i totally agree with him. And this is nt the first time already, the first was $100 to replace the leather cover of the seat and now....... Sigh......

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