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Monday, April 22, 2013

Facing reality

Yup, we are back from our 10 days vacation.... ATM had planned this trip in April cos he knew that i be getting my bonus, damn. Just joking there, cos we had to utilize the points for hotels before there expired. We flew by Tiger airline, and guess what our flight home from HK was delayed by almost 3h. We reached home ard 1230am, and poor P was off to childcare when she woke up and we went back to work leaving all luggage unpack in the living room.

Whats our after tots for this trip? P asked if she can come back to HK again? Meaning she is enjoying herself. ATM was pretty satisfied with the trip, ate most of the food he craved for and got a few of his stuffs at bargain price. As for me, i m pretty happy with the trip this time round, we covered alot of places by public transport and not by cab. We visited Macau, HK and Shenzhen. P experienced the 'Ding Ding Bus' (tram), ferry crossing the river, train, bus as well as on her feet..... We walked from Wan Chai where we stayed to IFC, took the train to Olympic City and walked to Mongkok.... And from Mongkok to Jordon. Showed P the not so tourist-y places. She is a good traveller, she dun complaint much, when she is tired she will fall asleep in her stroller, she really eats, sleeps, plays and enjoys herself. Personally i find it more fun travelling with her now, cos i get feedback from her.

Not to mention we also burnt a big hole in our wallet. We began our trip with a 25kg luggage and came back with 4 luggages weighed 58kg in total.

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