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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Birthday

This year, we didnt do much on my birthday as FIL is in SGH having a prostatectomy. FIL is a very pessimistic old man, for 3 month prior to the surgery, he had been worried non stop abt not waking up after the surgery. We have told him so many times tt, it is a simple surgery. Even told him, my grandpa who is much older has 1m of his large intestine removed and he is still as radiant and healthy as before. Well, the GP suspects he might has depression, hope the medication will work, cos entertaining my FIL raises my BP. I m so sick of answering the why u had appendicitis, u looked healthy question.... Anyway this is nt the first time i m offended with the question, perviously was why u had premature delivery, it is because of your health issue....

P saw a photo of me cutting a cake on my hp, she ran into the room with her masak-masak. Then i was asked to go to the room and she sang the birthday song. I felt so touched by her gesture. Did i mention that dad was the 1st to message me the birthday greeting. He is the one who always forget abt our birthday but this year he was the first to greet me. As he aged, he is no longer like the strict MCP dad that we knew, heis actually quite fun to hang out with. He reads to P and tells her stories, played and there were lotsa hugs, kisses and praises for little P. These were the sight tt we never get to see when we were young, as he was busy working to bring back the dough, so the 4 of us get to go oversea to further our studies. Personally i like the current dad, perhaps semi-retiring makes him more relax.

Isnt she creative?

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