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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Call

I got myself a Happy call pan, ATM thinks it is the 2nd well invested piece of home appliances after the pressure cooker. It is good to use plus there is no cooking smell in the house. I tried making roast sweet potatoes and pumpkin.

I have always wanted to make roast pork, with the pan i m able to make it. Problem is the pork tt i bought has been cut to quite small piece. Note to self, buy a bigger piece so when the lid is close, it will nt fall to the side. I used the pan to make fried ikan bilis, P loves it so much, she is munching it as snack.

Roast pork that doesnt look like one but taste like one. P ate almost half of it.

How can anyone resist this?
Tried making nasi goreng Kampong using the pan..... no complain there

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