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Sunday, June 16, 2013

PTC 2013

It is the end of first semester, and the teachers will be updating the parents on the kiddies progress.... ATM didnt attend the PTC with me since he is taking his IPPT on that day.

From Teacher L, overall P has improved, in her gross,m fine, psyco motor skills. We need to work more on her phonic, though she knows the sound of the alphabets, but when it come to blending the sound, she has issue on pronoucing the words. I suppose more practise will be needed. What warm my heart was Teacher L said that P is very keen to learn, Teacher L partnered her with another boy so the boy will guide her during reading time. We jsut need to patience with her....

From 祁老师, P will forget things she learnt after awhile. Well to me that is not a big issue, especially in kids it is pretty common. During the PTC, 祁老师 asked P to read some of the words, i for once was shocked that she is able to recognise quite a number of chinese words. 祁老师 said she is very keen learner, she doesnt talk during class and she was very attentive in class... I m very happy that she is showing interest in chinese... At home, she is starting to speak more mandarin and she is even doing translation for her 爷爷 and grandma.

After the PTC, I told ATM that we need/learn to be patience with P. I think P will nt have any problems with her upcoming IQ assessment. I hope she will be discharge from CDU soon, maybe then we will not have any issue with her insurance

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