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Thursday, June 20, 2013


The haze condition is worsen, PSI is 400 at the moment. In actual fact, it will even be higher since it is base on 3h average reading..... My company is nt issuing us with N95 yet, as according to the person incharge, under regulation, we will need fit test for N95...

I m considering staying at home, as the building i m in now is hazed..... If rains happen to come, it will be acid rain.... Told ATM to park the car in MSCP rather than outdoor. I started to keep all my stuffs indoor...

I feel sorry for the ppl having to work outdoor, i stopped mail ordering.... I m havin a hard time looking for a effiecient face mask for P. I m actually considering making one if i can get the material.

Update: WE been issued 1 N95 each. The mask can be worn for a week.

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