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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hazy Hazy Night

It is no longer starry starry night.... It had changed to hazy hazy night..... The moment we stepped to our home, a gust of burnt smell welcomed us. Felt like the house was hazy.... After a check on the PSI, it was abt 190 and rising by abt 11pm, it hit 321. All the windows were closed, the 3 of us stayed in the room with both AC n purifier on.

I can hear P starting to cough, bad sign.... So I cooked white fungus and pear to cleanse n nourish her lungs... I cant imaging how the ppl survive in the affected area, they must be hunderd times worst than us. If rain doesnt come soon, are we going to have artificial rain to temperorarily cool down the current situation?

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