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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Thursday, July 17, 2014


The daycare has arranged for the kids to visit 3 primary schools. P went for the 2nd primary school visit yesterday. During the visit, they experienced buying food and stationaries in the tuckshop and bookshop. Seems like she is somehow mentally prepared for the next transition.

My little warrior is goin to primary school. Time flies. She came home asking which school she is going, good to know that she in enthu abt the whole thing. Whereas for me, i m worried abt the registration and transition. Will she get into the school tt is near to home and after school care. Is she ready for P1, so on and so forth......

I must say daycare really prepare them for the next phase. Homework on weekend to let them have a feel of hw. Setting up tuckshop corner for them experience with buying own food and money matters.

Perhaps i need not worry so much, like the chinese saying 船到桥头自然直.

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