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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mommy go work

After i brought P to my work place (due to some last min unforsee stuff), she finally realise that i've to go work like her papa :). Whenever we drove pass my workplace, she will point to the building and said mommy work here, and waive bye bye to me. It makes dropping her off in CC so much easier, cos she knows i have to work. Perhaps she has grown up. Teacher S also feedback to me just last wk, saying tt, P was asking her fren to stop crying, cos her mommy has to go work, and will come to pick her up after work, so no need to cry :) I was actually quite proud that she can comfort her fren.

Perhaps showing her, where we work is a good idea. I also introduce the few colleagues that i work closely with to her. At times when i need to be in the lab, these helpful colleagues will entertain her in the office. P knows them by the type of phones they have. She refers to non touch screen phone as no battery, need to charge. Yes, she is very high tech, she is the current owner of my 2nd generation ipod touch.

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