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Monday, December 29, 2014

Student care

P started in student care in mid of dec, hoping that she will get used to the routine of nt napping. The first 2 days was cool, she was excited. Came the 3rd day, she refused to go. The chinese teacher feedbacked to me on 2nd day that P chinese is nt good n asked if i considering tuition for her. What the heck, it is only her 2nd day attending student care and she has such high expectation.

Had a chat with the teacher again this morning, she told me whatever they did in student care is k2 foundation.... Indeed she has high expectation.

Perhaps we nt doing enuff to prepare P for P1, but then again y stressing a 6yo so much.... Just wana see her enjoys goin to school. She no need to be top 10 in class but will be a bonus if she is.....

Friday will be her first day, hope she will enjoy her first day in P1. Partly P is a stuborn kid, plus a bit of laziness.... It is time  we need to stop MIO plan....

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