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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nutren Junior

Wrote to nestle, to ask for some FM sample, Nutren Junior. Guess what, P doesnt like it either.... Well i m just gonna feed her fresh milk, which will save me a lot of $$ in long run. Came to think abt it, only us still feeding our toddler FM. In western countries, the kids are drinking fresh milk, only children with special needs will be fed FM.

Me: Why u dun like milk?
P: milk nt nice
Me: What do u mean by 'not nice'?
P: Milk is sweet, yuck

Ok, P dun like sweet stuff, except sweets and ice cream. She takes dark chocolate and hates milk chocolate, takes vitagen (50% less sugar) n dislikes yakult, and hates Milo. With her reply, i tried her Pediasure. Yes the milk is sweet. But which kids will refuse sweet stuff? I m so not going to force her to drink her FM, but well i have 6 cans left in the pantry. Well at least till we ran out of FM.....

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