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Monday, June 6, 2011

Diaperless Day 1

P ran for her panties this morning and repeatedly shouted, 'I dun wan diaper.' Nothing much that i can do except to let her wear her panties, she is nt 100% toilet trained, she has her moment. Is perfectly fine for me if she is diaperless at home, but in CC, i m more worried. What if she created mess, and causes other kids to fall, all the what if.....  When we reach CC, first thing was to make her clear her bladder and inform Teacher W that she is diaperless and mayb after breakfast let her change into her diaper. Perhaps is time that i get some training pants for her.

Teacher S wrote on P's communication book saying that P  was diaperless for the whole day except nap time and no accident. Way to go P, keep up the good job. When it come to poo, she still cant tell us yet....

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