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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Separation anxiety

For the past few days, P's separation anxiety is getting worst. She has started weeping the moment i brought her to her class after washing hands. After school, when i go pick her up, she just doesnt want to go home. Just last night, i went down to get dinner on the way home as it was too late to cook, she cried till she vomited eventhough ATM is around. Perhaps she is spending too much time with me or i m giving her too much attention. I m really getting very tired, sometimes i really dunno what to do as she is so clingy to me that i cant do anything. Sometimes i just leave her with ATM but less than 5 min, i will hear him shouting at her, sometimes cane will come out and there will endless crying. I m hoping this separation anxienty phase will just go away soon. I m always late for work, i can never get to leave home early, no matter how early ATM wakes up, he will still be the last to leave the house. Mayb i should just go to work with P and asked him to take public transport. I wanted P to be in CC before 9am, so she will never be late for group activity. I dun wan her to think that it is OK to be LATE.

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