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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Thursday, August 19, 2010

6th Month in Childcare

By next week, it will be P's 7th mth in cc. We had a PTC in June to discuss abt P's progress. From her teachers, we were told that she is very independent in cc, getting more stable with her steps now. My warrior is running, jumping and walking up and down the stairs all by herself. Looking at the pictures that her dear teacher sent to us every month, she has grown up so much, though she is the smallest size in the class. Babies in infant care are catching up with her now, but no worry, as long as she is growing, we are happy.

Teacher S spefically told me that P can relate objects to song; eg. star, she will do the twinkle twinkle action; fish, she will sing 鱼儿游游游. Recently she can sang the whole ABC song, count from 1-10 in both mandarin and english. Her fav song for the moment is itcy wincy SPIDER. She is also talking to us in her limited vocabulary, she cant say pen but she refer to pen as ABC which she can scribble on her book.

My main concern was her speech and toilet training. We do realise that she is a bit slow on her speech, but was reassuer by her teacher that she is starting to pick up. As for toilet training, we will need to wait for P's sign.


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